Growing and Giving

The five Scholar Qualities of Intellectual Curiosity, Creative Thinking, Servant Leadership, Communication Skills and Commitment to Community drive the programming for Emory Scholars throughout the year.

Emory Scholars are encouraged to grow and give their Scholar qualities through engagement in Emory Scholars Program programming. Below is an overview of the wide range of programming unique to the Emory Scholars Program.

Program-Led Events

Fall Welcome Dinner

At the start of the academic year, all Scholars gather together as a community to reconnect after the summer and welcome the new incoming Scholars to the Scholars community.

Scholars Retreat

Scholars travel off campus for a multi-day retreat. The Scholars and Scholars Faculty Committee participate in themed sessions linked to the five Scholar qualities, meet in break-out groups, and have time for contemplation and engaging in recreational activities. This event is just one of many ways connections are made – and bonds are forged – within the Scholars community.

WorkshopsAcademic Year Workshops

Workshops are on topics such as: summer experience planning, preparing and applying for prestigious scholarships and fellowships, and resume writing.

Spring Finalists Week

In late March, current Scholars help host the Emory Scholars Finalists' Week, which allows selected Scholar Finalists to experience Emory's campus and visit with current Scholars, Emory faculty, and Program and Admissions staff.  Finalists are brought to Emory (all expenses paid) to participate in activities that help them become better acquainted with programs and opportunities at Emory and participate in interviews that help the selection committee decide who to select for membership in the Emory Scholars Program. Attendance at the entire week is required for all Scholar Finalists who wish to be considered for membership in the Emory Scholars Program and an associated merit scholarship.

Scholar-Led Events

Coffee Talks

In discussions led by Emory faculty, Emory Scholars meet in a group of five to twelve to talk with faculty and peer Scholars about engaging subjects that affect their lives inside and outside the classroom. These popular talks offer a great way to get to know faculty and fellow peer Scholars on a more personal level.

Cultural Excursions

Led by faculty, Scholars visit an off-campus site or event in the local area and engage with faculty and peer Scholars. These excursions inspire engagement and debate in our Scholar community. These popular trips also offer a great way to bond with faculty and fellow peer Scholars.

Scholar Initiated Programming

Scholars are encouraged to initiate programming that aligns with the Emory Scholars qualities and meets the needs and desires of the Scholars or broader community.

Community Engagement

Scholars Service Trips

Emory Scholars organize service trips which provide an opportunity for giving back to the local community while also building community among Scholar participants. 

Atlanta Service Days

Each year, Emory Scholars participate in two campus-wide Atlanta Service Days, Emory Cares Day in the fall and Emory’s Martin Luther King, Jr. “Day On” Day of Service organized by Volunteer Emory.  Many first-year Emory Scholars also choose to participate in Emory’s Freshman Day of Service.

Campus Service

The Emory Scholars community is filled with individuals who have a wide variety of passions, interests, and talents. Scholars are encouraged to give in personally meaningful ways to causes and efforts they believe in.  Emory Scholars are involved across campus as founders, leaders and active participants in many campus clubs, organizations, and initiatives, giving of their gifts and talents in various types of service.  Scholars are asked to reflect regularly on how the giving experiences they are a part of impact both those they serve and their own personal growth, laying the foundation for life-long and sustainable giving.