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Studies in Sexualities


Craig Womack

Craig Womack
Associate Professor of English

Craig Womack is the author of Red on Red 1999), a literary history of the Muscogee Creek Nation and an analysis of the work of queer playwright Lynn Riggs, author of Oklahoma, Drowning in Fire (Arizona 2001), a coming out novel contextualized by the history of the Creek Nation, co-author of American Indian Literary Nationalism (New Mexico 2006), a discussion of hybridity debates in relation to Native sovereignty, co-author of Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective (Oklahoma 2008), an interactive communally composed volume on ethics in Native literary criticism, and the forthcoming The Song of Roe Nald (Oklahoma 2009), a critical study of narrative depictions of the Native American artist. He teaches American Indian literature, critical theory, and jazz studies. His undergraduate courses include “Readings in Popular Literature and Culture: Jazz Literature,” “Native American Literature: Native American Literature of the Southeast” and “Intersections of African and Native American Literature.”