ESL Resources

The Emory College ESL Program can support non-native speaking students in the College both directly-through tutoring as well as through academic support resources for non-native speakers and indirectly-through the collaborative partnerships that the Program has established with other programs throughout the College.

Academic Support Resources for Non-Native Speakers

Materials to Check Out - Books and software are available for self-study in the ESL library in the Student Activity and Academic Center, Suite 310.

Free ESL Web Resources

Listening Skills
Academic Vocabulary Building - This excellent and comprehensive website shows the Academic Word List (AWL) developed by Averill Coxhead 2000 at Victoria University Wellington. - This excellent website has exercises on the AWL as well as academic vocabulary related to specific academic areas. In addition it contains many ideas for building and learning vocabulary.

Collaborative Partnerships

The ESL Program works closely with other academic and support units that are invested in the success of Emory College international students. Individuals within each of these groups will be happy to provide guidance to solve any problems that fall within the scope of their program.