ESL Tutoring

Tutors in the Emory Writing Center and the ESL Program are available to support Emory College students as they work on any type of writing assignment, at any stage of the composing process. Tutors can assist with a range of projects, from traditional papers and presentations to websites and other multimedia projects. Writing Center and ESL tutors take a similar approach as they work with students on concerns including idea development, structure, use of sources, grammar, and word choice. They do not proofread for students. Instead, they discuss strategies and resources students can use as they write, revise, and edit their own work. Students who are currently enrolled in an ESL-supported section of English 101, English 123, or English 221 or who plan to take one of those courses next semester should see ESL tutors, as they are specifically trained to support students in ESL Program courses. All other students in the college should see Writing Center tutors who are trained to work with this broader population. Learn more and make an appointment by visiting their website. Please review tutoring policies before your visit.

ESL Tutoring Policies 

Please read the following information carefully before making an ESL tutoring appointment on ASST

ESL Tutoring is available for help ONLY with writing and speaking assignments associated with Emory College courses. Tutoring appointments last 50-55 minutes.

Scheduling and Cancellations

Tutoring starts this semester on August 30. Appointments must be scheduled more than 12 hours in advance, and cannot be scheduled more than 3 weeks ahead. ASST will not allow you to schedule appointments less than 12 hours before the scheduled time.

ASST will allow you to cancel an appointment up to 4 hours before the scheduled time. If you need to cancel less than 4 hours before an appointment, you MUST notify the tutor directly by email (the email address is included in your appointment confirmation email). Please be considerate of tutors’ schedules and availability to other students and cancel well in advance of your appointment (i.e. not the night before)!

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or if you cancel late, i.e. within 4 hours of the session, the appointment will count toward your 2 session weekly limit. You will also be considered a “No Show.”

Tutors are only required to wait 15 minutes at the scheduled meeting location. If you arrive late, the session will still end on time.

Before the Tutoring Session

Arrive at appointments prepared with specific questions you want to ask the tutor. Be prepared to show the tutor any instructions for the assignment as well as relevant class-related material such as the text you discuss in your paper or presentation. Having the class text with you at the tutoring session is of course essential if you have questions about specific passages in the text (the tutor can help you with reading comprehension questions). Bring your laptop with your paper or presentation to the appointment; you do not need to print out your work.

For any questions, please contact the Assistant Director of the ESL Program, Levin Arnsperger, at