ESL Tutoring

Mission Statement

Our skilled and well-trained ESL tutors...

  • support non-native speakers of English enrolled in Emory College courses
  • effectively collaborate with students in developing their assignments
  • guide students in applying their existing knowledge about rhetorical concepts to other contexts and classes  
  • help students develop their writing, communication, reading, and research skills
  • act as cultural informants, for example by clarifying references to U.S. American events, symbols, ideas, or individuals
  • contribute to fashioning a welcoming environment for all Emory students

ESL Tutoring Policies

Please read the following information carefully before making an ESL tutoring appointment through College Connect.

  • What can tutors help with?
    ESL Tutoring is available for help ONLY with writing, reading, speaking, and multi-modal assignments associated with Emory College courses.
  • Scheduling Appointments
    Tutoring appointments last 50 minutes. In Fall 2017, tutoring starts the second week of the semester, on August 28. Appointments must be scheduled more than 12 hours in advance in ASST, and cannot be scheduled more than 3 weeks ahead. ASST will not allow you to schedule appointments less than 12 hours before the scheduled time. You should make no more than 2 appointments per week (Sun-Sat).
  • Cancellation Policies
    • College Connet will allow you to cancel an appointment up to 4 hours before the scheduled time. If you need to cancel less than 4 hours before an appointment, you MUST notify the tutor directly by email as soon as possible. The tutor’s email address is included in your appointment confirmation message. Please be considerate of tutors’ schedules and the availability of tutoring appointments to other students. If you know you cannot make it, cancel well in advance of your appointment.
    • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or if you cancel less than 4 hours before the session, the appointment will still count toward your 2-session weekly limit and you will be marked as a “No Show” in College Connect. If you have too many No Shows in a short amount of time, we may cancel your privilege to schedule any tutoring appointments in College Connect.
    • Tutors are only required to wait 15 minutes at the scheduled meeting location, so if you arrive later than 15 minutes, the tutor may have already left.
    • If you arrive late for your session, the scheduled end time will remain the same. The session will therefore be shorter than originally scheduled.

Before the Tutoring Session

Arrive at appointments prepared with specific questions you want to ask the tutor. Be prepared to show the tutor any instructions for the assignment provided by your instructor and relevant class-related material such as the text discussed in the paper or presentation. Having this information with you at the tutoring session is essential if you have questions about specific passages in the text or the instructor’s expectations for the assignment.

You do not have to print out your work for an ESL tutoring session. You can bring your work and related materials on a laptop or tablet.

For any questions about the ESL Tutoring program, please contact Levin Arnsperger at