Emory English Assessment

Most incoming international first year students and international transfer students who speak English as an additional language are required to take the Emory English Assessment (EEA).

What is the EEA and why do I need to take it?

The EEA is a mandatory assessment consisting of a timed writing assignment that is scored holistically by the ESL Program staff. The purpose of the EEA is to gauge the writing styles and abilities of incoming international students in Emory College in order to identify appropriate support for those who may need it. For instance, based on their EEA scores, students may be invited to take one of the credit-bearing courses designed for non-native speakers and taught by ESL Program instructors. Students’ EEA results are not known to anyone except for ESL Program staff and never appear on student transcripts.

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When and where will I take the EEA?

The EEA is taken online during the summer so that students can be advised and placed in ESL-supported classes as needed before coming to Emory in the fall. If you are an international student and a non-native speaker of English, please be sure to check your Emory email account frequently in the months before your arrival for further instructions on how to take the EEA.

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Am I exempt?

Students can choose to exempt from the EEA if:

  • They are fully bilingual or speak English as a first language
  • They have AP/IB credit that exempts them from the first-year writing requirement.

Exemptions are not automatic. Students must explicitly request an exemption by contacting our office at 404-727-9444 or jcoconn@emory.edu.

  • Please note that if you choose exemption from the EEA, you will not be eligible to register in any ESL supported courses. Therefore, if you are not completely confident in your English language skills, please do not request an exemption from the EEA. 

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