EPASS Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentors offer weekly group sessions for BIOL141/142, CHEM141/142, CHEM221/222, PHYS141/142 and QTM100.

Students enrolled in these courses are encouraged to attend Peer Mentor sessions on a regular basis. There is no limit to the number of sessions that a student can attend!

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Mentor please meet with the faculty currently teaching the course to discuss your eligibility.  Peer Mentors earn 2-graded research credits during their first two semesters of work and are eligible to receive a stipend in their third semester as a mentor. 

If you have additional questions please contact Tammy J. Kim, Senior Associate Director of Academic Support Programs, at tammy.j.kim@emory.edu

Mentor Schedule - Spring 2017


Biology 142

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Abreu Ana Dobrita & Sandeep Voleti  Sunday 6p-8p LIBC 114
Spell Jillian Heckman Monday 4p-6p Cox Fishbowl
Cafferty Munsa Manandhar Monday 6p-7p Cox Classroom C
Abreu Adrian Brooks & Akshar Patel Monday 6p-8p 1462 Clifton Road, Room 109
Spell Simon Mogendi Tuesday 7p-9p Cox Fishbowl
Abreu Jakara Griffin Tuesday 6.30p-8.30p Cox Classroom B
Cafferty Sereena Jivraj & Molly Murphy Tuesday 7p-8p Cox Classroom C
Cafferty Ryan Nachwakter & Jordan Peyrot des Gachons Wednesday 5.30p-6.30p Cox Classroom B
Spell Ali Buyum Wednesday 5p-7p Cox Classroom C
Abreu Hend Venkatesh

Wednesday 6p-8p

Callaway S 105
Spell Anya Srikuraja Wednesday 7p-9p Cox Classroom C
Caffety Diana Cagliero & Maddie Robert Thursday 5p-6p Cox Classroom B


Biology 336

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
O'Toole Hannah Kim & Meagan Naraine Monday 7p-8p Cox Classroom B
O'Toole Vishaal Kondoor & Brian Son & Jacob Yi Wednesday 6p-7p Cox Classroom A
O'Toole Lily Ha Thursday 5.30p-6.30p 1462 Clifton Road Room 230
Shepherd Timothy Xu Thursday 5p-6p Cox Classroom C

Chemistry 142

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
All Patrick Speck Sunday 12p-2p MSC N306
All Greti Barokas Sunday 1p-3p MSC N302
All Brandi Paul Sunday 2p-4p MSC N306
McGill Harini Indrakrishnan Sunday 3p-5p MSC N302
All Birk Evavikd Sunday 4p-6p MSC N306
McGill Carli Kovel Sunday 5p-7p MSC N302
All Courtney Shin Sunday 6p-8p MSC N306
All Shirley Ma & Havi Rosen Monday 5p-7p Few 131
All Sydney Navvid & Brandi Paul Monday 6p-8p MSC N302
McGill Jason Qian Monday 6p-8p MSC N306
McGill Carli Kies Tuesdat 6p-8p LIBC 114
All Havi Rosen Tuesday 6p-8p MSC N306
McGill Brice Ona Tuesday 8p-10p MSC N306
All Justin Correa Saturday 12p-2p MSC N306
All Jaewon Jeong Saturday 2p-4p MSC N306
All Gautum Nayyar Saturday 4p-6p MSC N306

Chemistry 222

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Lleweyllyn Ayushi Sharma Sunday 1p-3p LIBC 101
Weinschenk Ethan Alwaise Sunday 2p-4p LIBC 101
Weinschenk Grant Singer, Rachel Spector & Junyan Xia  Sunday 4p-8p LIBC 101
Weinschenk Alina Zhang

Sunday 6p-8p

LIBC 101
Weinschenk Christopher Tseng Monday 6p-8p LIBC 114
Weinschenk Shoeb Lallani Monday 7p-9p Callaway S103
Weinschenk Michael Goldberg Tuesday 5p-7p Callaway S101
Weinschenk Nilang Shah Tuesday 6.30p-8.30p Callaway S102
Weinschenk Maddie Dew Wednesday 6p-8p LIBC 101
Weinschenk Amancio Romero-Sackey Wednesday 7p-9p LIBC 114
Weinschenk Grant Singer, Rachel Spector & Junyan Xia Saturday 4p-6p MSC N304

Physics 116

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Bonning Meiran (Eva) Liu Monday 4p-5p MSC N215

Physics 142

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Burton Reiko Laski Monday 6p-7.15p MSC N215
Burton Jonathan Lothrop Tuesday 6p-7p MSC N215
Burton Karl Fenzl Wednesday 6p-8p MSC N215

Physics 152

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Berland Junghyun (Andy) Kim Thursday 8p-10p MSC N215

 Quantitative Theory and Methods 100

Faculty Mentor Mentoring Day/Time Mentoring Location
Kim Mingze (Albert) Feng  Sunday 2p-3.30p LIBC 114
Jacobson Chaesun (Crystal) Lee Monday 6p-7.30p Callaway S105

Michelle Menzies

Monday 6p-8p Callaway S101
Jacobson Agnes Min Wednesday 7.45p-9p Callaway S105
Gong Ryan David Joye Thursday 4p-5.30p MSC N306
Gong Kevin Park Thursday 6p-7.30p MSC N302
Jacobson Carolyn Koehnke Thursday 7p-8.30p Callaway S101
Kim Neeraj Chawla Friday 3p-4.30p Modern Languages 407
Kim Pooja Mukund Saturday 3.30p-5p Callaway S105