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English Language Learning Program (ELLP)

The English Language Learning Program (ELLP) supports students who are non-native speakers of English as well as graduate students and faculty who teach these students. We administer the Emory English Assessment (EEA) and offer specialized courses. Tutoring for all students, domestic and international, is offered through the Emory College Writing Center.

Emory English Assessment

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The Emory English Assessment (EEA) is a mandatory timed writing, reading, and speaking assignment for all international and transfer students new to Emory College. Information on the EEA is located on the New Student Programs website

Our Courses

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The ELLP offers credit-bearing first-year writing, grammar, and communication courses to provide additional support to English language learners. All classes are permission only and the Emory English Assessment (EEA) determines eligibility for enrollment.

In addition, we offer a directed study class for students interested in tutoring or teaching non-native speakers of English.

English 101 Expository Writing (FWRT)
As is the case with all sections of English 101, this course fulfills the first-year writing requirement (FWRT), but we offer specific sections tailored to English language learners. We utilize the same learning outcomes as all other sections of English 101.
English 123 Communicative Grammar

This one-credit hour course is a co-requisite for English language learners enrolled in English 101. The focus of this “grammar lab” is to improve students’ written and spoken language skills, with an emphasis on grammatical concepts that students often find the most challenging or confusing.

English 124 Academic Communication Skills
In this class, students develop their speaking, reading, listening, and vocabulary skills through engagement with authentic materials such as lectures. In addition, they participate in a variety of focused activities, for example practice debates and presentations. Students also become familiar with key rhetorical concepts, including audience, genre, and discourse community. 
LING 497R English Language Teaching Pedagogy

In this class, students study and discuss texts related to English language teaching, and observe classes designated for English language learners, in order to acquire knowledge about the methodology and practice of teaching English to speakers of other languages. Various teaching techniques are modelled during class sessions.

Questions about the English Language Learning Program

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Jane O'Connor
Director of the English Language Learning Program
Levin Arnsperger
Associate Director for English Language Learning in the Writing Center
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