Transfer Credits

As a transfer student, your expectation is that you will receive credits for courses you have studied at your previous institution. You will receive a Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) from the Office of Admission that is based on the transcripts and test scores submitted to Emory. Please take time to review your Transfer Credit Evaluation.

There are a number of things to remember while reviewing your Transfer Credit Evaluation - particularly if it appears you are missing courses that you expected to receive credit for.

College Transcripts

Check that all transcripts from previous institutions have been submitted. If you are waiting for final grades to post, please remember to have your most recent official transcript sent to the Office of Admission.  If you took classes at more than one institution, you will need to have official transcripts sent from each institution to the Office of Admission.

AP/IB Scores and Credit

AP and IB scores will not automatically transfer. If you would like Emory to consider your AP or IB scores, they must be submitted by The College Board (or other organization) to the Office of Admission.

General or Non-Equivalent Credit

The Office of Admission may award general or non-equivalent course credit for courses you completed at another institution. This means that you will receive academic credit for the course, but it will not count as a specific course. If you have questions about these awards, please discuss with your academic adviser.  You may be advised to return to the Office of Admission for clarification, or to complete a Transfer Credit Appeal.

Once you have received your Transfer Credit Evaluation you will want to review it to ensure that courses you expected to receive Emory credit for have transferred. If you notice any courses that are missing, or that there are obvious errors (for example, course not loaded into the correct General Education Requirement section), please contact the Office of Admission to correct by emailing

In the event that the Office of Admission cannot act upon your request, but you believe that there is an equivalent Emory course, you may file a Transfer Credit Appeal. The process is outlined below but should you need advice on if or how you should appeal, you may schedule an appointment with an OUE Academic Advisor.

Submitting a Transfer Credit Appeal:

1. Go to your Transfer Student Blackboard Course to access the Transfer Credit Appeal Form under the Transfer Credit Section. 

2. Complete all sections of the form. For examples, hover your cursor over the section.

3. Make sure you include a copy of the syllabus from your previous institution(s).

4. Click "Submit."

5. Please note that if you are submitting multiple appeals, you must complete a separate form in its entirety for each appeal.

Reminder! Transfer Credit Appeals must be completed by the last day of classes during your first semester at Emory. Departments will vary on how quickly they can assess Transfer Credit Appeals. Please be patient as they review your appeals.

OPUS is the official record of your Emory College career. You should check it often to ensure that your credits have transferred properly and that you are progressing toward graduation.

Where can I find my transfer and test credits in OPUS?


To See Your Academic Advisement Report

This report can be found in OPUS and indicates your completed hours and completed GERs. Your report may not be up to date until the semester has already started as your transfer credits get posted, but you should make sure to review your degree audit at least each semester. If you believe there to be errors, contact an OUE adviser. Your Transfer Credit Evaluation is NOT the same thing as the Academic Advisement Report. To find instructions on how to access your Academic Advisement Report, click here