Common Questions from Third Year Students

Who is my class dean?

Dean Newby oversees activities and programs for third-year students, including Oxford continuees.

When should I see my class dean?

Dean Newby is available to see students who have questions about their progress through their academic programs, are seeking connections to resources, or have special situations or needs. She also enjoys conversations with students about their goals and plans.

Can I change my plans after declaring a major?

Students have the option of changing a major or minor but this should be done in consultation with faculty advisors and the dean if there are special concerns. Changing a major can result in additional time before graduation so the change should be done only with careful planning.

How do I make use of Emory's resources?

Emory offers a wealth of academic, social and cultural opportunities. During the third year, students are often reaching beyond areas of immediate comfort to explore new areas of interest. This is the year when contacts with faculty become even more valuable. Dean Newby can help make connections that open opportunities and link to resources.