Common Questions from Second Year Students

Who is my advisor?

Your current advisor of record is posted in your OPUS account.  Your PACE advisor remains your advisor of record UNTIL you declare a major. Once you declare a major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in from the major department.   If you are a transfer student, the OUE advisors are your advisors of record UNTIL you declare a major and assigned to a faculty advisor from the major department. You may also work with OUE academic advisors for questions about your degree progress, or for general assistance with academic concerns.

When do I have to declare a major/minor?

You should declare a major during your sophomore year and by the Declaration of Major deadline (usually the third week of February). Visit the office of the academic department in which you plan to major to complete the Declaration of Major form. You will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help you plan courses for your major. Minors can be declared during the second year, or later. See Majors & Minors for more information.

Can I change my major/minor? How?

Yes! There is no limit to how many times you change a major or minor, although we suggest that you consider the implications on your graduation timeline if you delay your decision to declare, or make a change.  Changing or dropping a major or minor is easy. Visit the department and ask to complete the Declaration of Major form.  There is a checkbox that allows you to indicate you are dropping this major or minor.  Make sure you follow-up with your new department to declare the major or minor.