Halfway to Graduation

Two years down. Two to go.

Our team in the Office for Undergraduate Education want to ensure that you are charting the best course possible to graduation. In partnership with the Second Year at Emory (SYE) program, OUE participates in the "Halfway to Graduation" events in the spring semester. Our advising team are present at various events, and offer advising sessions to review your Degree Audits. We'll make sure you know how to pull your Degree Audit from OPUS, and help you verify which General Education Requirements you've completed, and still have left to complete. We'll help you review the number of courses you've taken and still have left to take, and make sure your credit hours have you on track to graduation. If you have questions about major or minor completion we'll point you in the direction of your major/minor advisor. Be on the lookout for more information on these events in the spring semester.