Advising and Support for Oxford Continuees

Advising Relationships

There are a number of advising relationships that we encourage Oxford continuees to develop and foster as they prepare to come to the Atlanta campus, as well as during their time at Emory College.

As part of the Emory Connections Day you will be asked to declare a major, two majors or a major and minor (your concentrations). Once you have declared your chosen concentration(s) you will be assigned an academic advisor from within each concentration you have declared. It may take a few weeks for this process to be completed. The name or names of your advisors will appear on OPUS when your declaration has been processed.

The Office for Undergraduate Education has a number of academic advisors and deans who are able to help you navigate your academic plan at Emory College. These advisors are available Monday through Friday. They can help you with questions about planning your schedule, progress to graduation and other general academic concerns. To schedule an appointment with an advisor you can utilize one of the following methods below:

  • Before your first day of class on the Atlanta Campus
    To set up an appointment before your first day of class on the Atlanta campus, please e-mail us at or call us at (404) 727-6069
  • To set up an appointment you will be able to utilize College Connect to schedule an advising appointment. You will be able to schedule appointments with advisors, tutors and other learning support specialists using this system.
Emory College offers a wide variety of support for students including peer tutoring, writing services, and special workshops. We encourage students to take advantage of these options when you are on campus. You can find more information by clicking here.