Advising Home

One of our key priorities in the Office for Undergraduate Education is to ensure that our students are on track academically and to assist in situations where students have run into unexpected difficulties. To that end, we employ a large number of academic advising staff- some full-time permanent members of staff and some graduate student advisors. Our advising team will work with students on routine academic matters- including course planning and degree progress, through to challenges and concerns that could hinder academic progress (including medical and personal situations). Our team will work with any student to determine the best course of action for them in their situation.

Some of the common situations that our team encounter are one course, partial or complete withdrawals; class absences; missed assignments, tests or exams, family or personal emergencies, academic difficulties and communication with instructors.

To schedule an appointment with one our team students should use our online Advising and Support Scheduling Tool (ASST; "assist"). Alternatively, students can call our office at (404) 727-6069 or e-mail us at