General Advising Information

Below are some common general academic advising questions from new and current Emory College students.

If you have major or minor specific questions, please contact the major departments and directors of undergraduate study. Department information is available through the Emory College Catalog

If you have general advising questions that are not answered below, please email your inquiries to or schedule an appointment with one of our advisors using College Connect.

Who is my advisor?

When you arrive at Emory, you are assigned a PACE faculty advisor. They will be your advisor on record before you declare a major. When you declare your major, you will be assigned a faculty advisor from the major department.

Note: if you choose to have 2 majors, you will have a major advisor for each department. 

In addition to your PACE or major advisors, the Office for Undergraduate Education employs a number of advisors who are available year round to provide general academic advising. The OUE Advisors are useful in situations where your faculty advisor is unavailable or you would like more general advising guidance on policies, procedures and deadlines.

How do I declare my major?

This form allows students to declare a majors/minors or to remove an existing major/minor from their record. Please read the notes below BEFORE completing the form.

Declaration of Major/Minor Form


  1. Seniors who have already submitted degree applications should not submit this form, but should email with their request.

  2. Once submitted, you will receive an email with directions to contact the academic department for next steps. Your major/minor will not be changed until the academic department authorizes the change to the Registrar.  

  3. This form is best viewed on Internet Explorer or Safari

  4. If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact or (404) 727-9321.

How many majors/minors can I declare?

Students at Emory College can have two (2) areas of academic concentration. They can be in the form of two (2) majors or one (1) major and one (1) minor.

How do I drop a major?

Students can drop a major by visiting the major department. The form used to declare the major can also be used to drop the major. Once submitted to the registrar’s office and update the OPUS record.

When should I meet with my advisor?

Students should be in the habit of meeting with their academic advisor each semester. Students can meet with advisors prior to pre-registration for each semester, but it is also helpful for students to meet with an academic advisor as needed. Do not wait until you are in academic trouble or the last minute to meet with an advisor!

OUE advisors are available throughout the academic year and summer, so if students have questions about academic planning, they are available!

How can I schedule an appointment with an OUE advisor?

Appointments can be scheduled online through College Connect.

Where can I meet with Pre-Professional Advisors (Pre-health, Pre-law, Pre-business)?

You can find information on pre-professional advising by clicking here or by using the left hand navigation bar.