Fourth Year Students

As you move into senior year at Emory College, it is obvious that you will begin to think about graduation. It is important that you prepare well for graduation.

The Academic Advisement Report

The overwhelming majority of problems students face when trying to graduate stems from graduation requirements not being fulfilled. It is your responsibility to make sure that all graduation requirements are fulfilled by the end of the your last term in the College. You can track your progress to graduation in two different ways within OPUS.

To access a snapshot view of your Academic Advising Report you should log into OPUS, Click on "My Academics" and then "View My Advisement Report"

To access a more detailed version of your Academic Advising Report, please use the following path within OPUS

OPUS > Degree Planning > Select the “Advisement Report Request” tab > Academic Institution: Emory University > Report Type: Degree Audit – Emory College > GO