Graduation Requirements

There are a number of things that you must do in order to be eligible to graduate from Emory College

To graduate, you must:

  • Fulfill all of the General Educations Requirements (GERs)
  • Fulfillment of the course requirements for a major, as determined by the major department or program, with a minimum 2.0 average.

  • Maintain at least a 2.0 senior year GPA for all work in the senior year combined and a 1.9 cumulative GPA (students who transferred to Emory College need to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA)
  • Meet Emory College “residency” requirements.
    • Students who spend all four years at Emory College must complete their last 64 hours in residency or on an approved Study Abroad Program.
    • If you are an Oxford Continuee, you need to take, at minimum, your last 54 credits at Emory College.
    • If you are a transfer student, you need to take, at minimum, your last 64 credits at Emory College.
  • Have all incomplete or pending grades resolved by the time of graduation.
  • Successfully complete at least 124 total academic credit hours plus the three Health/Physical Education GER courses, for a minimum total of 127 total hours.
    • If you are an Oxford Continuee, you will have completed two physical education courses while at Oxford (but no equivalent course for HLTH 100). You will be required to earn an additional credit hour in order to reach the minimum 127 total credits needed. This credit hour can come from an academic or physical education course.
  • Have no pending Honor Code or Conduct Code cases.
  • Complete and submit a Senior Application Packet during the term in which you plan to graduate.