Summer Internship Program

Applications will be accepted March 15 - June 15.

The Summer Internship Program offered through the Office for Undergraduate Education provides an opportunity for students to earn one hour of academic credit in a field related to their course of study.  This credit hour appears on the Emory College transcript and counts toward hours needed to graduate.  There is a $50.00 application charge.  To be eligible for this course, students must meet the following criteria:

  1. Currently enrolled in Emory College of Arts and Sciences.  Business school students or students from all other schools are not eligible to participate. Students who have graduated are not eligible to participate.
  2. In good academic standing.  Students on academic probation are not permitted to participate.
  3. Secure an internship within the United States that involves full-time work for at least three weeks (40 hours/week), half-time work for six weeks (20 hours/week) or an equivalent level of time commitment. We recommend that students seek internships that are related to their long-term career goals.  Research experience at universities DO NOT qualify as internships for this purpose
  4. Not concurrently enrolled in other summer courses.
  5. International students in F-1 status must receive Curricular Practical Training authorization from ISSS, noted on a new form I-20, before beginning an off-campus internship for academic credit. CPT is requested in ISSS Link. Contact your international student advisor with any questions.
  6. The internship experience should be an integral part of a student’s academic experience at Emory. Students should identify clear goals of what they want to achieve through the internship.  This statement will be shared with the student’s internship supervisor.
  7. Students must attach their Statement of Purpose that outlines the service or work opportunity in which they will participate during the summer and must submit this statement with the Application. 

Students must ensure that their internship supervisors submit an evaluation upon the completion of the Summer Internship in order to receive a grade of S (Satisfactory) and one academic credit hour. 

To enroll in this internship course you will need to complete the relevant online application, and submit a $50.00 check or money order to Office for Undergraduate Education in 300 White Hall. The office does not accept cash or credit cards. Students may pick up a hard-copy application outside of 300 White Hall.  The Office for Undergraduate Education will review the application and determine students’ eligibility for the internship course.  Approved students will receive verification of their submission, and their internship supervisors must confirm students’ enrollment for them to receive credit. Those not approved will receive a refund of their application charge.

When students are enrolled in the summer internship course, their account will be charged for tuition and fees, but they will receive a financial award in the exact amount of the tuition and fee charges less any applicable fee waivers. There is sometimes a short delay between registration and posting the award.  A $50.00 orientation fee applies to Oxford College continuees and would be the only cost to those students.  This course is NOT available during the regular academic year or for the purpose of fulfilling academic requirements for a major or minor.  Because of the way this course is designed, students may not enroll in other summer courses at the same time.  If there are extenuating circumstances that require students to be enrolled in summer course concurrently with their internship, please consult Dean Jason Breyan via email ( or phone 404.727.4074/6069).

Students who need to complete an internship requirement as a part of their major or minor should not enroll in this internship course and should consult with their department to discuss enrollment in the specified major or minor course.

Application Calendar

January 1 - March 15  Pre-Approval Letters may be requested and will be issued to Students and/or Potential Employers during this period and will not be issued during the Applications Period
March 15 - June 15

Applications will be Accepted. Pre-Approvals may NOT be requested during this Period

June 15 Applications may not be accepted after this date; contact the office of Dean Jason Breyan with questions
August 2 Employer must submit Evaluation for student prior to this date 
August 2

Last Day to post S/U grade, if evaluation has not been provided a mark of unsatisfactory will be posted to a student’s transcript

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