Getting Involved

This page outlines the process for both faculty and students who wish to join the Honor Council.

For Faculty

Faculty advisors assist Honor Council members during investigations of alleged misconduct. In addition, in each full hearing, one faculty advisor participates as a voting member of the council. Each semester, a faculty advisor typically investigates two or three cases and serves on no more than four hearings (though most faculty only serve on one or two). A call for participation is announced each August, but if you are interested in serving in this capacity, you may contact Dr. Jason Ciejka, Assistant Dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education at

For Students

Student Honor Council members investigate and adjudicate all allegations of academic misconduct in Emory College. The Council consists of 20 members drawn from the rising junior and senior classes. Selection of Honor Council members takes place every spring. Students can also apply to be part of the Honor Council Appeal Panel.

Beginning in Fall 2016, all new and returning Honor Council members will enroll in ECS 300: Honor Council Practicum each fall and spring semester they serve. The practicum is a 2-credit course that meets for 2 hours each week; it must be taken on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis. The course provides training about Honor Council procedures and discussion of topics related to academic integrity and honor systems.