Appealing an Honor Council Verdict

Students who have been found guilty of an Honor Code violation by a full hearing of the Honor Council have a right to appeal their verdicts and sanctions within seven days of receiving their verdicts. Students who opt for an expedited hearing waive the right to appeal. A full explanation of the appeals process can be found in the Emory College Honor Code: Article 7: Appeal.

The Appeal Panel consists of two faculty members and two students who review the evidence of the case and make a recommendation to the Dean. Neither the accused student nor any other witnesses appear before the appeal panel.

The Honor Code does not authorize the Appeal Panel or the Dean to change the verdict of a case. Instead, the Appeal Panel may recommend one of three actions:

  1. It may deny the appeal.
  2. It may modify the sanction, either by decreasing or increasing its severity.
  3. It may remand the case to the Honor Council for a new hearing.

A student may appeal both the verdict and sanction, or the student may accept the verdict and appeal the sanction only. In preparing an appeal letter, the student should take into account any factors that would help the case: Was there some procedural error, crucial evidence that was not reviewed at the hearing, or other peculiarity that would necessitate a new hearing? Are there any serious mitigating factors that should be taken into account for the sanction?

Students should address the appeal letter to Dean Joanne Brzinski, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education. The letter should be submitted by e-mail to the Assistant Director of the Honor Council, within seven days of the verdict delivery. Any new evidence that was not considered at the full hearing should be submitted at this time.

The Appeal Panel meets 2-3 times per semester. You will be notified once the Appeal Panel has reached a decision.