OUE Forms

This page contains common forms that students will submit to the Office for Undergraduate Education.

Absences, Missed Exams/Deadlines & Religious Holidays

From time to time student may miss scheduled course activity for health reasons or religious activities. These forms are designed for students to self-certify their absence. These forms and the declarations made by students using them are submitted under the authority of the Emory College Honor Code.

NOTE: If you have documentation provided by your medical provider please send that documentation and a description of your situation to oue.advising@emory.edu. These forms should only be used in the event that you do not have medical documentation (you did not see a medical professional, etc.) or you are certifying absence due to a religious holiday.

Declaration of Major/Minor Form

This form allows students to declare a majors/minors or to remove an existing major/minor from their record. Please read the notes below BEFORE completing the form.

Declaration of Major/Minor Form


  1. Seniors who have already submitted degree applications should not submit this form, but should email OUE.Advising@emory.edu with their request.

  2. Once submitted, you will receive an email with directions to contact the academic department for next steps. Your major/minor will not be changed until the academic department authorizes the change to the Registrar.  

  3. This form is best viewed on Internet Explorer or Safari

  4. If you have any questions about the form or the process, please contact OUE.Records@emory.edu or (404) 727-9321.

Degree Application

This packet must be completed by seniors in the term in which they plan to graduate. Click here to download the form

Click here to download the form

Domestic Transient Study Application

Available for students after their first two semesters of Study at Emory. Domestic Transient study allows students to complete college-level course work at another accredited institution in the United States. Accredited schools must accept students for the purposes of transient study. To be eligible, a student must have fewer than 18 total AP/IB/College transfer credits and earned fewer than 64 academic units at Emory. More information, including allowed courses can be found (DTS website)

Click here to access the Domestic Transient Study Application

International Student and Scholar Services at Emory University Request for Less than Full-Time Enrollment

International Students attending Emory University on an F-1 visas are eligible to apply for a reduced course load if they meet specific criteria within F-1 visa regulations. Students in their final semester of study are eligible to request reduced course loads.

Click here to access ISSS Link (which includes the form for Less Than Full-Time Enrollment)

Leave of Absence

Students wishing to temporarily discontinue their studies at Emory College can request a temporary leave of absence.

Click here to access the Leave of Absence Form

Letter of Consent

Form required to grant consent to parents/guardians for access to student academic records.

Click here to access the Letter of Consent

Letter of Good Standing Request Form

This form is used to request a Letter of Good Standing, also sometimes referred to as a Dean’s Certification or Dean’s Verification. If you are in need of a Dean’s Certification for an application to medical school or other programs in the health professions (dental school, veterinary school, etc.), please contact The Career Center. The Career Center also processes all Dean’s Certification requests for law school.

For Domestic Transient Study, the Letter of Good Standing is completed through the application process. Please do not use this form.

Students in need of enrollment verification for financial lenders, jury duty, insurance, etc. must contact the Office of the University Registrar.

>> Click here to access the Letter of Good Standing Request Form

Contact Melissa Shoemake with questions.

Request for Permission to Walk at Commencement with Graduating Class

Students who have less than 16 credit hours to fulfill in the summer or fall term after the second semester of their senior year may petition to walk with their graduating class at Commencement by submitting this form.

Please Note: This form is only for Permission to Walk in Spring Commencement Ceremony (For those not completing degree requirements in May and who will graduate the next summer or fall.)

Click here to access the Request for Permission to Walk at Commencement with Graduating Class form

Request for Permission to Graduate in Absentia

Students graduating in the spring semester of their senior year may request permission not to walk with their class using this form.

Click here to access the Request for Permission to Graduate in Absentia form

Request for Readmission

Students requesting to resume their studies at Emory College following a leave of absence must complete an application for readmission. Once readmitted to the college, students will need to meet with their academic advisor and register for courses for the next immediate semester.

  • If your Emory credentials are no longer valid (i.e. your username and password do not work), please email oue.records@emory.edu 

(Please note these forms are best viewed in Internet Explorer (PC) or Safari (MAC))

Return to ECAS from Business or Nursing School

Students who have been accepted to or enrolled in the Business School or School of Nursing may request to return to the College of Arts and Sciences if their Emory career started at Oxford or Emory College. This process should be completed as early as possible and no later than the first day of classes in the term you wish to return.

Student, please follow these steps to be reactivated in ECAS:

  1. Complete ECAS Request for Reactivation Form no later than the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES of the semester you intend to return. You are encouraged to complete this process as early as possible to ensure enough time for course registration.
  2. Schedule an appointment with an OUE Advisor to discuss the stipulations for return. 
  3. Register for classes. Once you have met with an Advisor, your reactivation form will be submitted for processing. You will be discontinued from GBUS/SON and reinstated to ECAS; any Nursing or Business classes will be dropped by those respective Registrars. You will be given an enrollment time for the next enrollment period in ECAS OR you can register during Add/Drop/Swap, depending on the time of year. Please allow up to 2 business days for processing.
  4. Contact Housing and Financial Aid to determine eligibility for future semesters, if applicable.


Three or More Exams in One Calendar Day

Emory College students are not required to take more than two final exams on a given calendar date. Students may use this form to verify the exam policy conflict with OUE and then communicate with their faculty to reschedule an exam. Students should attach a copy of their official final exam schedule from OPUS (located on the menu under the Academics Tab) to the form before bringing to OUE.

*Please note that this form can only be used in cases where a student has three or more exams on one calendar day. Students with three exams in a 24 hour period do not qualify for this process.

Click Here to Access the Form

Transfer Notification

Students expressing interest in transferring out to another University need to complete the transfer notification form.

Click here to access the Transfer Notification Form

Underload/Overload Form

Forms available for students in their final semester of study to take fewer than 12 credit hours or more than 19 credit hours if their GPA is below 2.0.

Click here to access the Senior Underload/Overload Request Form

Withdrawal Forms

Regular Withdrawal Form

Form for students requesting to withdraw from one or two courses, but not their entire course schedule. The form requires the signature of the course instructor and either their academic advisor or an OUE advisor. The form must be turned in to White Hall 300 by 4pm on the deadline day to process the request.

Click here to access the Partial Withdrawal Form

Extended Withdrawal Form (for students in one of their first two semesters as an Emory College student)

There is a separate form for students eligible to process an extended late withdrawal from ONE class during their first two semesters of residency at Emory College (i.e. first year students, new transfer students, and Oxford continuees). The form requires the signature of the course instructor and either their academic advisor or an OUE advisor. The form must be turned in to White Hall 300 by 4pm on the deadline day to process the request. Note: If this withdrawal privilege is used in your first semester of eligibility, it is no longer available to you during your second semester of eligibility.

Click here to access the Extended Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal Deadlines

The withdrawal deadlines can be found on the Emory College Academic Calendar.