How Do I Schedule an Appointment?

Many Emory College programs use ASST to manage student appointments. There are two types of appointments you may request

Requesting an "Appointment" (number 1 on the graphic below) will lead you to the section of the system where you can schedule to meet with professional staff in the Office for Undergraduate Education. Services include Academic Advising, Emory Scholars Program, PreHealth Mentoring Office, National Scholarships and Fellowships, and Undergraduate Research Programs.

Requesting a "Peer Support Appointment" (number 2 on the graphic below) will give you access to EPASS, ESL and Academic Coaching Appointments. These appointments are peer-led programs designed to assist you with particular courses of study at Emory.


If you have any problems logging in or with scheduling an appointment please refer to our Help Guide for information on how to proceed.

Step 1 - Logging In

Go to and log-in using your Emory credentials


Step 2: Request an Appointment

When you have logged into ASST, look to the right hand column and choose the appropriate option. "Request an Appointment" will give you access to appointments offered by staff members within OUE for Advising, National Scholarships and Fellowships, etc. "Request a Peer Support Appointment" will give you access to EPASS Peer Tutoring and Mentoring, Academic Coaches and ESL Support. 


Step 3a: Searching for an Appointment

You will now be on the appointment scheduling screen as shown below. The only option on this page that you should use is the "Appointment Type" option.


Step 3b: Choose an Appointment Type

Choose an Appointment Type from the drop down menu. 


Step 3c: Checking Availability

Once you have selected your "Appointment Type" click on 'Check Availability.' (Note: If you have used any search criteria other than "Appointment Type" you will not see any results after clicking 'Check Availability')


Step 4: Choosing an Appointment Time

After clicking 'Check Availability' you will be presented with a list of all available appointment times for your chosen Appointment Type as shown below. To choose an appointment time, click on the linked advisors name (shown in brown)


Step 5: Confirming Your Appointment

You will be presented with a confirmation screen. You will also have the option of completing an "Additional Information" field if you would like to let the advisor or tutor know what you would like to talk about during your meeting. When you have completed this information, or if you choose not to complete the "Additional Information" field click 'Submit Request' to book your appointment. (Please Note: In some cases you may also be given the option of choosing an Appointment Length. You must make a selection before clicking 'Submit Request'. In some cases, Appointment Length will be pre-determined.)


Step 6: You're Finished!

You have successfully scheduled an appointment! You'll be taken to your Appointment Scheduling Screen (as shown below) and you'll also receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of your appointment.