How Do I Cancel an Appointment?

In some rare instances, it may be necessary for a student to cancel a previously scheduled appointment. ASST will allow you to cancel an appointment until 4 hours before the scheduled appointment. For example, an appointment scheduled for 3pm must be cancelled by 11am on the day of the appointment. If you must cancel an appointment within 4 hours of the appointment time, you need to contact the specific program contact directly. A list of program contacts is included in your appointment confirmation e-mail and is also listed below for your convenience.

Step 1: Logging In

Go to and log-in using your Emory credentials


Step 2: Finding Your Appointment Listings

To find your list of currently scheduled appointments, clcik on "Appointment" on the top naviagation bar.


Step 3: Cancelling Your Appointment

You will see a list of all of your scheduled appointments on the left hand side of the screen. If your appointment is more than 4 hours in the future, you will see a "Cancel" option under the appointment. Click this option and you will be presented with a pop-up message asking you to confirm your intention to cancel the appointment. If you are sure you wish to cancel the appointment, click "OK".



Step 4: You're Finished!

You're appointment should now be canceled and will no longer appear on your appointment screen.


Is Your Appointment Within the Next 4 Hours?

Our expectation with this scheduling system is that you will make every effort to attend any scheduled appointment on time (thereby respecting the time set aside for you by your peers, and/or our staff). We do however realize that, on rare occasion, there may be good reason for you to cancel.

If you need to cancel this meeting you can do so until 4 hours prior to the appointment in ASST.

Should you need to cancel an appointment within 4 hours you will be unable to do so using the ASST system and must contact the responsible office/advisor (as listed below) directly. Please note that attendance and cancellations are tracked in the system and persistent late cancellations may lead to suspension of tutoring privileges.

Program Who to contact if a cancellation is necessary
Academic Advising Call the Office for Undergraduate Education Front Desk at (404) 727-6069
EPASS Tutoring and Mentoring Contact Tammy J. Kim by emailing
ESL Tutoring Contact the Tutor you are working with. If you are unable to reach them, e-mail Levin Arnsperger (
National Scholarships and Fellowships Contact the advisor you are working with directly. If you are unable to reach them, call the Office for Undergraduate Education Front Desk at (404) 727-6069
PreHealth Mentoring Office Call the Riakeem Kelley at (404) 727-6040