jane marie anderson

Jane-Marie (Jamer) Anderson

Major(s): Arabic, Economics

Campus Involvement: Rowing, Belly dancing, Arabic Roundtable

Ask Me About: Anything you need help with!

Tips for the academic transition: Get contact of other people in the class and go to office hours.

Tips for the getting involved: Join clubs and come to our events/ eat with us

Tips for getting around campus: Get a physical map and use your Transfer Connectors

benny chan

Benny Chan

Major(s): Computer Science, Sociology

Campus Involvement: Emory Crew, Emory Pre-Dental Society, Ben Massel Dental Clinic Volunteer, Intervarsity: Asian Christian Fellowship

Ask Me About: Where to find anything on campus, sorting out financial aid, getting involved on campus (extracurriculars)

Tips for the academic transition: Manage your time well, get lots of sleep

Tips for the getting involved: Go to Wonderful Wednesdays, send emails

Tips for getting around campus: Go on a tour, ask people around you (everyone is super friendly)

alex choy

Alexander Choy

Major(s): Physics for Life Sciences,

Campus Involvement: Academic

Ask Me About: Help getting involved in clubs on campus

Tips for the academic transition: Make sure to go to class and as many office hours as possible.

Tips for the getting involved: Try out a club that is outside of your comfort zone. It's really helpful to join a club that you already have a friend in, or to make extra effort to become close friends with a person in the club you join.

Tips for getting around campus: Visit the library and stacks early on to find good study spots. Study the map and find out how to get to points on campus that interest you.

laura palmer

Laura Palmer

Major(s): Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, French

Campus Involvement: Dance team

Ask Me About: Academic resources, pre-health resources, dance team,

Tips for the academic transition: EPASS tutors, time management

Tips for the getting involved: Student activities fair, try something new

Tips for getting around campus: Don't be afraid to ask peers for help, explore the campus on your own

scarlett rocha

Scarlett Rocha

Major(s): Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Campus Involvement: Emory's Ultimate Woman's Team, 1915 Scholars, SIRE

Ask Me About: How to get involved with research on campus, whether that consists of different research opportunities in the summer or scholarships to received research funding for.

Tips for the academic transition: Finding an effective study plan is key! Not every class is the same; therefore, not every class will call for the same studying techniques. Unfortunately, this is something that is just learned by trial and error but is nonetheless important to consider. EPASS session and the writing center have become my best friends. Use these incredible resources to your advantage!

Tips for the getting involved: Be open to new opportunities and just try new things! You never truly know if you may like a certain activity or club unless you actually try it. I personally never knew what Ultimate Frisbee was but decided to attend a practice since I enjoy sports. With no hesitation I can say it's been one of the greatest decision I've made at Emory. People also serve as great references as to what clubs may be offered on campus. Talk to different individuals and see what activities they may be involved with and you may find one that you take interest in!

Tips for getting around campus: I still catch myself getting lost on campus from time to time and knowing that in advance, I make sure to plan ahead by providing myself with additional time if I need to get to a certain location that I am not familiar with. Taking some time on the weekend to just walk around campus and familiarize yourself with certain common buildings, as reference points, is definitely helpful.

Sidra Siddiqui
Jiaying Wang