Orientation FAQs

When should I arrive on campus?

Students should arrive and check into their assigned residence halls on Saturday, August 19, 2017, from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Students will receive a specific arrival and check-in time from Residence Life in early August. Early check-in is not permitted. Some International students may need to arrive earlier to move in for a Pre-Orientation program. Please see the International Student Section for more information. For more information, see the Residence Life & Housing website or call 404-727-7631.

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Where do I go when I arrive on campus?

Students who have an early residence hall check-in time should do that first, and then go to the Emory Expo at the Woodruff PE Center.  Students with later residence hall check-in times can attend the Emory Expo first, and then check into the residence hall later. Residence halls open at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 19, 2017. Students may check in until 3:00 p.m. Students will receive their EmoryCards (official student identification cards) at this time.

Emory Public Safety staff will be around campus to assist families in finding places to unload vehicles near residence halls. Emory Public Safety will then direct families to one of the visitor parking lots. For safety reasons Emory Public Safety will remove, at the owner’s expense, any car parked in an unauthorized area. You will receive detailed maps highlighting the routes to specific residence halls in August. 

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What if I want to ship my belongings to Emory before Orientation?

For security of persons and property, residence halls remain closed until Saturday, August 19, 2017. Students who wish to ship items to Emory prior to that date may do so with any one of these major freight carriers: UPS, DHL, FedEx, and USPS. Packages should be shipped so that they do not arrive prior to August 9, 2017. Packages should have a tracking number so that students can trace the package, if necessary. Please address packages as follows:

Student's Name, MSC ##### (Student Mailstop Code)

Emory University - Main Campus (if you are a transfer student living on Clairmont Campus, you will use "Clairmont Campus" instead of "Main Campus)

1762 Clifton Road

Atlanta, GA 30322-1006

Please include a return address on the package.

You will be able to pick up your packages when you arrive on campus to move-in. Orientation staff can help direct you to the proper location for package pick-up based on your residence hall. For information about Mail Services at Emory, please visit: http://www.mailservices.emory.edu/ 

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How do I get to Emory?

Please refer to the University website for Directions to Campus. You will also receive detailed campus maps in early August that will direct you to your specific Residence Hall upon arrival.

The Atlanta Airport Superior Shuttle & Limo services many hotels around Emory, including the Emory Conference Center & Emory Inn. Visit the Atlanta Airport Superior Shuttle & Limo Website for rate and reservation details.

Cab service is also available from the airport to Emory for about $35.00-$40.00 (for a single rider). Checker Cab Company (404) 351-1111 services the Emory/airport area.

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Where do I find information about my residence hall, what to bring, and other information about living on campus?

Please visit the Residence Life and Housing website for up-to-date information about living on campus. You can find Information for Incoming First-Year Students on this site. This website includes a packing list for students, information about applying for and choosing a residence hall, and much more. You can also find information about specific Residence Halls when you find out your housing assignment. First-year student housing assignments will be made in June. Students will be able to view their housing assignments and roommate information on the MyHousing Web site in late June. Please direct further questions regarding housing to Residence Life and Housing at housing@emory.edu or 404-727-7631.

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What is my e-mail address at Emory?

Every student enrolled at Emory will receive an individual email account for his/her use while at Emory. You can create your Emory Email account by logging in to OPUS and on the lower right section of your Student Center, click on “Emory Links.” Follow the direction on the link “Email for Undergraduates.”

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Where can I find information about technology services, spaces and support, including getting connected to the internet, at Emory?

Student Digital Life, part of Emory's Libraries and Information Technology Services (LITS) is a one-stop-shop for all your technology needs and questions.  This site is full of valuable information about technology spaces (Computing Center at Cox Hall, Learning Commons at Woodruff Library, TechLab), services (Presentation Practice, Video Conferencing, Printing, Gaming) and support (Student Technology Support) at Emory.  

Over the summer and upon arrival on campus, you will receive detailed information on how to download for free Emory's enterprise McAfee Anti-virus protection and instructions to configure your devices for Emory's wireless network.

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What is the EmoryCard?

The EmoryCard is your official ID card and is managed by EmoryCard Services. It is the property of Emory University and its use is governed by Emory University-EmoryCard Services policies and regulations. The EmoryCard is an identity tool for the safety and security of the Emory campus and community. In addition, your EmoryCard can be used in a variety of ways such as a personal Eagle Dollars declining balance card for goods and services at on- and off-campus retail locations, residence hall access, meal plan access (to include dining dollars known as Dooley Dollars), Woodruff Library access, Woodruff PE Center, and other campus facilities. For information on the difference between Eagle Dollars and Dooley Dollars click here. For more information regarding EmoryCard Services, please visit www.emory.edu/emorycard.   

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How do I get my EmoryCard?

You are strongly encouraged to upload a photo for your EmoryCard prior to coming to campus. If you complete this ahead of time, your EmoryCard will be given to you when you check into your residence hall.  To submit a photo now, click here.

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How does the meal plan work?

First Year students are required to have a meal plan at Emory. Depending on whether you follow a Kosher or Halal diet, you will either have Meal Plan A or Meal Plan K. You can find information about these Dining Plans at the Emory New Student Dining site.

For more information on Dining Plans, Locations and Hours, you can email dining@emory.edu or call 404-727-4015.

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May I have my car at Emory?

First-year students may not have cars on campus. First-year students can take advantage of some alternative transportation options. Bicycling also is popular at Emory: to learn more visit the Bike Emory Web site.

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What is an Orientation Group?

Orientation groups consist of approximately twenty new students and are led by a student leader. The Orientation Leader serves as a peer support person for assisting new students in their transition to Emory and Atlanta. Students will receive Orientation Group assignments at Orientation Check-In. Orientation groups will meet several times during the first semester.

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How and when will I choose my classes?

You will choose part of your schedule in early August, prior to your arrival on campus. You will receive information throughout the summer to help guide you through this process. You will have time to adjust your schedule during Orientation and Add/Drop/Swap.

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Can I arrange this summer my flights home for Thanksgiving and Winter breaks?

Students may view the Academic Calendar for the exact dates of the Thanksgiving and Winter breaks. Please note that your Final Exam Dates will depend on the exact courses that you choose during Orientation. When booking travel, you should either wait to see your exact exam schedule (after your class schedule has been finalized) or you should plan to depart at the end of the Exam Period.  

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What health and wellness services are available at Emory?

Emory University Student Health and Counseling Services (EUSHCS) provide preventive care and wellness education as well as primary outpatient medical and psychological/psychiatric care for enrolled Emory students. Please visit the Student Health & Counseling Services Website to find specific information about what is offered for students.

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What do I need to know about health insurance?

Emory University requires all degree-seeking and all international students either to have health insurance or purchase the University-sponsored plan.  For more information about this plan, or the requirements to waive the plan based on your own health coverage, please visit the Health Insurance Requirement site.  Students who have not waived out of the Emory Student Health Insurance Plan by July 1 will be enrolled automatically in the annual Emory/Aetna plan for 2015-2016 and billed by Emory Student Financial Services. However, students will still have until the first day of classes to complete a waiver and have the insurance enrollment and charge reversed. Students who wish to be enrolled in the Emory Student Health Insurance Plan do not need to do anything; the enrollment is automatic.  

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Does Emory have any pre-matriculation health requirements for new students?

Yes, we do (Emory is a major healthcare university, after all). Prior to a student's arrival in Atlanta, students will need to complete several immunization and health forms. You can find a detailed list of steps at the Student Health Services Website for new students. These steps should be completed by July 15. 

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When will I receive the first bill from Emory?

Student Financial Services does not mail billing statements. Billing statements for the Fall 2017 semester will be posted to student accounts during mid-July. These statements are posted on O.P.U.S., and Student Financial Services sends an email to each student for notification of this posting. In addition, students can create a “Bill Payer” email address to receive these same notifications. Billing statements are also generated on a monthly basis for any student with a remaining balance.

View more important details about billing on the Student Financial Services website.

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What are the payment options?

There are several ways to pay for Emory tuition and through the Student Financial Services website, you can find a detailed list of How to Make a Payment.

Emory University offers the Emory Payment Plan (EPP) as an alternative method for paying tuition, room, and board for fall and spring semesters. The plan allows academic expenses not covered by scholarships, loans, or other financial aid to be paid in four equal installments per term. You can also visit the Student Financial Services website for detailed information on the Emory Payment Plan

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What is O.P.U.S. "Guest Access"?

"Guest Access" is an O.P.U.S. (Online Pathway to University Students) feature that allows students to permit up to five individuals to have access to their student information in O.P.U.S. A guest may have access to a wide range of functions, as the student has in OPUS. The student is the owner of the IDs and passwords and can create the ability for their guests to view information from the Registrar, Student Financial Services, Financial Aid, Student Health, and other campus groups. Students can designate some or all of the following functions for their guests:

1. Academics: View class schedule, grades, GPA, transcript, degree progress, and/or final exam schedule.

2. Accounts: View account detail, monthly bills, registration bills, wire transfer instructions, registration clearance status, and/or 1098-T tax information. Make on-line payments and/or EmoryCard deposits. Enroll in payment plans on student's behalf.

3. Financial Aid: View financial aid information.

4. Mandatory Health Insurance: Submit health insurance waiver.

5. Personal Portfolio: View student names, addresses, phone number, e-mail addresses, emergency contacts, parent/guardian addresses, honors and awards, holds, "to dos," and messages.

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What should I know about property insurance?

Emory University does not sponsor a personal property insurance plan, but encourages students and parents to consult their homeowners' insurance policies (or similar policies) to determine or arrange for coverage of personal property away from home.

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What is tuition insurance, and why should students purchase it?

Every year unexpected illnesses or accidents force some students to withdraw from classes. If a student withdraws after the last permissible date for tuition refund, as delineated in the Tuition and Fee Adjustment Schedule, students and their families could incur large financial losses. Emory provides families the opportunity to purchase tuition insurance at a nominal cost as protection from that potential loss. The insurance reimburses to a student the cost of tuition that is not refunded by the university when he or she withdraws for medical reasons. Visit the Student Financial Services site for additional information on Tuition Insurance.

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Who can I contact for more information about Orientation or arriving on campus?

Call the Orientation Hotline at 404-727-9000 or e-mail ec.orientation@emory.edu with any questions you may have.

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