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Advising and Registration

Registration is a great time to explore all that Emory has to offer. We encourage new students to think of course registration (enrollment) as a process and not as an event. 

Before registration students will complete Emory Essentials and have the opportunity to meet with a Pre-Registration Advisor (PRA). During Pre-Registration Advisor meetings an Emory College professional staff member will review first-year requirements, General Education Requirements, and ideas for the fall schedule.

See below for course registration timeline and dates:

Track Advising Sessions

Live sessions about track advising were held on Thursday, July 8 and Friday, July 9. If you missed the information sessions, you can find recordings or presentations below:

Thursday, July 8 at 11AM - Liberal Arts Information Session Recording

Thursday, July 8 at 12PM - Pre-Business Information Session Recording

Thursday, July 8 at 12PM - Pre-Health Information Session Recording

Thursday, July 8 at 1PM - Dual Degree with Georgia Tech Advising Materials

Friday, July 9 at 11AM - Pre-Business Information Session Recording

Friday, July 9 at 1PM - Pre-Health Information Session Recording

Pre-Law Track Advising Materials

Pre-Registration Advising

Monday, July 12 - Wednesday, August 4

Beginning on July 7, you will be able to sign up for Pre-Registration Advising with a staff member from the Office for Undergraduate Education. Your assigned Pre-Registration Advisor will be in touch via email with information on how to attend your virtual small group session between July 12 - August 4.

Met with your PRA and still have some questions? Have a lot of courses in your shopping cart and still trying to work out what to prioritize? Join our Academic Advising team for our Pre-Registration Webinar:

Wednesday, August 4: Pre-Registration Webinar Recording

Course Registration

Monday, August 9 at 12PM (EST) - Wednesday, August 11 at 11:59PM (EST)

You may register for up to 19 total credit hours (this does not include credits you are bringing into Emory) during this initial course registration period.

On Monday, August 9 between 12PM (EST) - 11:59PM (EST), you will be able to register for up to 8 credit hours. Then, between Tuesday, August 10 at 12PM (EST) - Wednesday, August 11 at 11:59PM (EST), you can register for your remaining credit hours.

During the registration period, you can also add, drop, or swap courses as long as you stay between 12 and 19 credit hours. As a reminder, you must register for a minimum of 12 credit hours.



Monday, August 23 at 12PM (EST) - Wednesday, September 1 at 11:59PM (EST)

You can continue making any adjustments to your schedule during this time along with all other current students. After September 1 at 11:59PM, you will no longer be able to make changes to your schedule. Many student schedules may change during this period and it is a great opportunity to make helpful adjustments to your schedule.

We encourage you to review the Reference Pages 20 - 28 for more details.

Advising and Registration Frequently Asked Questions

All incoming first-year students will be assigned a Pre-Registration Advisor. During July students will be invited, via email, to sign-up for a small group virtual advising session. More information will be available over the summer. Students are asked to refrain from reaching out to advisors before this time as our advising team continues to support upperclass students during the spring and early summer months. 

Students will register for courses over the summer, online, before arriving to campus. Registration dates and times will be released and announced to students by May.

Summer classes are coordinated through the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP). Please consult their website for more information and updates for Fall 2021.

Students will complete Emory Essentials and meet with a Pre-Registration Advisor before registering for classes over the summer. During Emory Essentials students will learn and practice how to build a fall schedule. Emory Essentials will also cover:

  • Pre-Professional Advising Resources
  • How to use OPUS to register for courses
  • Academic policies

During your Pre-Registration Advisor meeting you will have the opportunity to speak with an Emory staff member about:

  • Your Fall Schedule (it's a good idea to have some courses in your shopping cart before attending your meeting)
  • First-Year Requirements
  • General Education Requirements
  • The difference in class formats
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