Registration 101

Registration is a great time to explore all that Emory has to offer. Think of course registration (enrollment) as a process and not as an event. It is not over after selecting classes during your first two enrollment appointments (August 13-17), or even after your third appointment (August 27-28).

We know that your first-semester schedule may change many times before you finalize by September 5 (the end of the Add/Drop/Swap period). This means you have the opportunity to attend some course sessions when you arrive before finalizing your class schedule.


Quick Links

Navigating OPUS

Before preparing for registration it will be helpful to familiarize yourself with the OPUS online environment. Utilize these resources to begin to gain an overview of your online student hub.

OPUS Student Homepage Overview

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Student Profile Tile Overview

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Granting Guest Access

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Student Task Tile Overview

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Advising Information

As a first-year student you may already have an idea of what you are planning to study, and what track, or path, you hope to take at Emory. You may also be open to exploring all that Emory College has to offer. 

Depending on where you are in this process, the following guides provide advising information for both specific degrees as well as the various tracks at Emory. Each resource is full of information regarding courses you should consider taking to tips that will help you navigate a specific track.

Using the Waitlist

You may find that some closed courses offer the option of joining a Waitlist. While you shouldn't rely on this, this may be a great tool to when it comes to fine-tuning your schedule. Use these resources to help better understand how to use this resource.

Please review the information about Waitlists in Step Three below.

Waitlist Guide

For a general overview of the Waitlist and the function please view this resource.

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"Swap-If" Function (Recommended) 

If you currently have a class in your schedule that would create a credit limit or time conflict please use the "Swap/Drop if" instructions.

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