PACE 101 is a course which aims to provide first-year students with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed for a successful transition to Emory. All first-year students are required to take the course in their fall semester.

PACE Facilitators are staff members committed to first-year student success and engagement. Facilitators serve as educators, resources, and representatives of Emory. Each class will also have an assigned PACE Peer Leader.

Facilitators have the opportunity to recommend students they would like to work with in this capacity. More information on the PACE Peer Leader program is available here.

Applications are due on Tuesday, March 13.


  • Opportunity to form relationships with first-year students and help them become part of the Emory community
  • Enhance teaching skills in the classroom environment
  • Collaborate and network with staff members across campus
  • Opportunity to learn more about Emory and its students

Time Commitment

  • Spring: Attend Facilitator Meeting (April TBD)
  • Summer: Attend a Facilitator Retreat on Wednesday, August 1 from 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Fall
    • Lead one-two weekly sessions for 13 weeks during the fall semester (August 29-November 23, 2018)
    • Attend a one-hour weekly training meeting, Tuesdays 1:00 - 2:00 PM
    • Meet outside of classroom time with Peer Leader
  • Additional training opportunities will be available. Topics may include classroom management, general academic advising, Campus Life resources, mental health support, Study Abroad, the Career Center, and Undergraduate Research

Facilitator Expectations

  • Facilitate class: Lead curriculum, record and maintain attendance, review reflection assignments, provide announcements, help students keep track of course requirements and deadlines
  • Check-in with students and refer any students that may need additional support with their transition
  • Communicate with PACE staff on students of concern
  • Assist in finding substitute for any weeks that you may need to miss


  • $750/semester for leading (2) class sessions. Amount will be adjusted for leading one or more than two
  • Facilitators are only paid for the weeks they are present

Application Requirements