IT Preparedness Checklist for Off-Campus Work

To assist you in working effectively and efficiently from home or from an off-campus location, Emory College Information Technology team created an IT Checklist.

Verify that your computing devices have full functionality

Test any hardware (such as laptops, phones, etc.) and applications ahead of time, and from an off-campus location, to ensure connectivity to Emory’s resources such as shared drives, email, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and any other important systems that you must access.

For any hardware issues (such as Emory-issued latops or desktop computers), please contact

Below are links on how to connect to the shared drive.

How to Access Shared Drive-PC

How to Access Shared Drive-Mac

Check the security on personal computers that may be used to connect

  • Install all security updates, if prompted.
  • Ensure antivirus Software is installed and current - Antivirus software is required on any desktop or laptop connecting to Emory’s network.  This protection defends Emory computers and the data stored on these devices from a wide range of attacks and attackers.
  • Access to Emory resources requires Duo Authentication. Two-factor authentication decreases the risk of compromises and data breaches by requiring two factors to confirm your identity. Link to Duo 2-factor setup

NOTE:  DUO is required to access VPN, Emory email and other applications when off campus.

  • Emory uses the F5 Virtual Private Network (VPN) software client to provide secure, password-protected access to Emory’s network from an off-campus location Link to VPN access   

NOTE:  Updated virus software is required to access VPN.

Verify your network connectivity

  • Access to a strong Internet connection You can test you connectivity speed by utilizing the following link:Link to Speedtest
  • Confirm that you have access to fast Wi-Fi or broadband.
  • Confirm that you have remote access to on-campus desktop if needed.

Confirm your preferred communication methods

Additional tips

  • Teaching Resources- If you have any questions or receive questions regarding remote learning please see the following link: Remote Teaching Resources
  • If you are still on campus, take your laptop home daily. Remember to include the power adapter for your device.
  • Utilize either OneDrive or Box Sync to automatically sync files and folders between the application and your desktop.  You will be able to access your files from the OneDrive or Box website from any computer and without utilizing VPN.
  • To ensure computers receive updates while working from home or from an off-campus location, keep your computer on and connected to the network consistently. Note: You do not have to be logged in, just connected to the network.

Emory College IT is prepared to be available if you encounter any issues working remotely. Our primary response will be via our remote support tools. We will continue evaluating how we will handle support for physical hardware issues. If you have any additional questions or need any other support please reach out to