Essential Administrative and Policy Information

Information for Spring 2020

The following outlines current information from Emory College administration regarding remote teaching, expectations and changes in policy due to the current situation. Information will be updated on this page at it becomes available.

Class Management Expectations

  • Synchronous classes must meet at their regularly scheduled time, just in a remote format.
  • Asynchronous delivery is also an option for course delivery.
  • Faculty are expected to continue offering regular instruction, assessment and feedback throughout the duration of the semester.
  • Plan to continue using your textbooks. Barnes and Noble is working with students who have rented books and will provide return information to students.
  • Faculty are expected to offer regular office hours in a virtual format.
  • Some students may lack/have spotty internet access while away from campus. A helpful suggestion is to make asynchronous materials available as early as possible so they may be downloaded at one time from a public location.

Students with Technology Challenges

  • If you are aware of students who do not have a laptop or computer, please contact or ask the student to reach out. The College and the Office of the Provost are working to meet needs. The information provided will be held in the strictest of confidence.
  • Please remember that students away from campus may have to use the Duo Two-Factor Authentication to access certain university resources. LITS have a helpful toolkit online if you or students have questions.
  • Some international students may have trouble accessing certain course materials from locations with restricted internet access. Please see our International Students page for more information.

Specific Course Challenges

Please visit the non-classroom courses pages for information on addressing these various courses.

In cases where course completion is not possible, faculty should communicate with OUE via

Final Exams & Proctoring

When offering courses remotely, many faculty will find that giving a traditional, proctored final exam virtually may be neither convenient nor feasible. Faculty are encouraged to think of alternative ways to assess student performance or to deliver exams.

Considerations for Final Exams in Emory College


Recording Live Sessions and Privacy

ECAS faculty are being asked to record synchronous sessions and to share those recordings via their Canvas site with only the students enrolled in the course. This is important to ensure the accessibility of course materials to all students in these uncertain circumstances. Class recordings should not be shared beyond the class by faculty or students. When you share a cloud recording from Zoom, please make sure that “Viewers can download” is NOT selected (the default setting in Zoom is to NOT allow downloads).

To mitigate consent concerns within Emory College, please include the following language in your syllabus: Lectures and other classroom presentations presented through video conferencing and other materials posted on Canvas are for the sole purpose of educating the students enrolled in the course. The release of such information (including but not limited to directly sharing, screen capturing, or recording content) is strictly prohibited, unless the instructor states otherwise. Doing so without the permission of the instructor will be considered an Honor Code violation, and may also be a violation of state or federal law, such as the Copyright Act. All University policies remain in effect for students participating in remote education.

Emory’s Zoom cloud recordings are cleared every 6 months, so unless the faculty member (the host of the meeting) downloads and saves the recording, it will not be permanently available. Only the original host of the meeting and the Emory Zoom administrators have access to cloud recordings, and the instructor of the course retains ownership of their own intellectual property.

While faculty do not need to collect consent to record sessions, Zoom does have a mechanism to collect consent prior to attendees joining a session. 

Travel Guidelines

Faculty should refer to notices posted on the University COVID-19 website regarding travel and restrictions.

Resources for Academic Integrity

The Emory College Honor Council have put together a helpful document for faculty as they think through how to maintain academic integrity in our remote teaching format.

Academic Integrity for Remote Learning

Student & Campus Resource Support

Academic Advising & Support
The Academic Advising & Support team in the Office for Undergraduate Education is available to meet with students remotely.
Students can make appointments for advising, EPASS peer tutoring, learning specialists, and academic coaches through College Connect.
Students can make appointments with Emory Writing Center tutors via the Writing Center's appointment system.
Textbook Availability
Barnes and Nobles has announced collaboration with publishers to make text books available online in partnership with VitalSource.
Announcement from Barnes and Noble is here.
List of publishers participating in this program via VitalSource is here.
Students with questions or concerns about housing should be directed to or by phone to (404) 727-7631.
Students with questions or concerns about dining should be directed to
Library Services
The library is providing updates on Scholar Blogs:
Student Digital Life
Students with questions about technology services offered by Emory should be directed to
If you are aware of students who do not have a laptop or computer, please contact, or ask the student to reach out. The College and the Office of the Provost are working to meet student needs.