Emory College Summer Global Internship Program

Guaranteed Internships in 13 Global Cities worldwide


Summer 2022 Update

We hope to return to in-person, on-site global internship placements in Summer 2022. Emory's highest priority is student health and safety. We continue to monitor the COVID situation in each location. Final decisions about whether international programs will be permitted will be made by Emory University leadership

Apply | Zoom Advising

APPLICATIONS typically open by mid-November and are due in mid-February. Website details for summer 2022 will be updated prior to the opening of applications.
To learn more about the program, select the global city.

ZOOM ADVISING: Information sessions begin in mid-October.  You may email questions to OISP.internships@emory.edu

In an increasingly connected world, cross-cultural awareness and understanding across borders and languages are critical skills. Global Internships are a gateway to building cross-cultural competencies.

Global Internships provide students the opportunity to explore how their liberal arts skills translate into the global workplace. Students explore various industry sectors, learn new digital and technical skills, and connect with Emory alumni mentors. In addition, city-based programming gives students a framework to contextualize the internship with knowledge and understanding of their respective global city. The program design also embeds a virtual academic space for students to interact and reflect on their internship experiences.

Program Highlights: The Emory College Summer Global Internship Program provides students with a comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience.  Each participant will be placed in an internship that corresponds with the student's course of study, to ensure the quality and academic relevance of the placement. Students complete an internship placement in a company or organization based in a global city (for 8 weeks) while enrolling in an online course (4 Emory credits) during the summer term.

The Emory College Summer Global Internship Program enables students to:

  • Develop professional fluency in new linguistic, cultural, and/or professional contexts
  • Adapt to workplace practices in a global city
  • Connect with international experts in their disciplines
  • Create a lifelong and global network of peers and mentors
  • Meet personal, academic and career goals
  • Earn Emory credit (LING 343: Intercultural Discourse for Global Internships, 4-credits)
Hosted By: Emory College Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) in collaboration with Global Career Center and EUSA.
Global Internships are available in key global hubs that offer a wide range of placement opportunities for arts and sciences majors. (Note: We hope to return to in-person, on-site global internship placements in Summer 2022. Emory's highest priority is student health and safety. We continue to monitor the COVID situation in each location.) 

Global Hubs - Internship Sites - Summer 2022

Click here for Berlin

atl boston dublin
hong kong
madrid newyork
sanfran santiago
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HKStudents will intern with companies including innovative start-ups, global organizations, multinationals, and NGOs in a variety of industry and social sectors.  The internship placements are organized through program providers with extensive experience. 

Internship Placement Process

Prior to departure, students will complete a personalized process including individual pre-placement meetings, industry-specific resume review, interview coaching, and customized employer outreach.   At the beginning of the internship, students will participate in an orientation that includes an introduction to local culture and workplace cultural expectations.  Students will work 30-35 hours per week during the internship.  The program also includes discussion groups, cross-cultural activities, and events to introduce students to the city, local workforce, and the global internship cohort.

Sample Internship Placements

Anthropology/Visual Arts major
interns at art gallery in Toronto
Economics major
interns at a start-up consulting company in Hong Kong
Film Studies major
interns at marketing firm in Toronto
History/Media Studies major interns at digital ad agency in Hong Kong
Math/Computer Science major interns at research institute in Singapore
English/Political Science major
interns at women's NGO in Hong Kong

Industry Sectors

Communications, Media, Film & Web television, film, news, magazines, literary agencies, and web developers
Technology, Research & Science engineering, construction, IT firms, and pharmaceutical companies
Arts, Culture & History art galleries, cultural sites, auction houses, fashion labels, and museums
Politics, Law & NGOs legal departments, law firms, governmental agencies, and trade associations
Design architecture, interior, industrial, graphics
Economics, Accounting & Business investment banking, insurance, management consulting, and human resources
Community Service & Education schools, community organizations, and children's services
Hospitality and Travel airlines, hotels and tourist destinations

studentEMORY NEWS: "Online course connects Emory students in global internships"

Students will enroll in one Linguistics seminar course (LING 343: Intercultural Discourse for Internships) which will be taught online during the internship placement (4 Emory credits). 

This course introduces students to studies in intercultural communication, occupational sociology, and professional discourse. Using various methods, such as ethnography and linguistic landscape, you will examine both your host city and your internship organization as field sites. You will learn to observe, analyze, and question language use and cultural norms, as well as professional expectations. Moreover, through this course, you will be able to share and reflect upon your and your peers’ developing identities as global citizens; students from several work sites will have the opportunity to discuss and compare all stages of the internship experience. Additionally, a goal of this course is to give you the ability to connect your internship experience directly to your liberal arts education.

As with other Emory online courses, students will learn from both posted materials, including multimedia lectures and readings, as well as from online, live, group discussions where students from several sites will have the opportunity to discuss and compare all stages of the internship experience.  Students will also complete practical exercises, writing assignments, and projects, and will be guided through all stages of the internship experience.



  • Rolling Admissions: The program is selective and applications will be reviewed on a rolling admissions basis.
  • Application Deadline: Mid-February 2022
  • Internship Placement Process: Takes place between late February through mid May. Please note: all accepted students are guaranteed an internship placement.

Program Dates:

May/June to early August
See program locations for exact dates (will be updated before applications open)

Eligibility Requirements: 

The program will be open to all majors within Emory College. Please note: no prior internship or work experience is required to apply. Eligibility requirements include:

  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA (Please meet with an advisor if you wish to explore a GPA exception)
  • Be in good academic standing and remain in good academic standing
  • Be a rising junior or senior (have completed a minimum of 4 semesters of college-level work, which must have been completed in residence on a college and/or university campus). Rising sophomores are encouraged to meet with an advisor to explore their options.
  • Enroll full-time at Emory (or accredited institution for visiting students) the semester prior to the study abroad term
  • Emory international students on an F-1 visa who intern in the US must have declared a major in the College of Arts and Sciences
  • Graduating seniors may also apply if they defer graduation to August 2022
  • Additional language pre-requisites apply for the following global cities: Berlin, MadridParis, Santiago and Tokyo.

Program Costs: 

A full description of the program costs and billing procedures is described in the budget sheets for each internship site. (These will be updated before applications open)

Global Internships Policies

Academic Course Registration

Students enrolled in the Emory College Global Internship Program will be enrolled in an online course LING 343: Intercultural Discourse (4-credits).  Students must take the course for a letter grade.  Students will complete a weekly synchronous session (1.5 hours per week) at a designated time.  The internship hours will be structured to enable students to have time set aside for the online session.  The course counts towards the total required graduation credits. The course posted on the Emory transcript and the course grade is factored into the student's overall GPA.

Emory Summer Courses

Students may enroll in Emory Summer Courses (on-campus or online) while participating on the Emory College Summer Global Internship Program.  Students are required to discuss the internship expectations for synchronous hours with their supervisor prior to making additional commitments (such as additional course enrollments, extracurricular activities, and/or other summer plans). Please note: the internship workloads may vary per week. All placements renquire synchronous meetings during the workday in the time zone of the global city. In addition, students are required to attend all synchronous course sessions for LING 385: Intercultural Discourse for Global Internships (course meets on Fridays for 1.5 hours, exact hours depending on course section).

OPUS Registration

Students on the Emory College Summer Global Internship Program remain fully registered at Emory, and credits and grades earned on the program are granted on the same basis as those obtained on campus. All registration is handled by the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) -- students do not register for the online course.

Add/drop/swap is not offered as part of this program.

Students’ registration for the program and their participation in the program are contingent upon satisfying all financial obligations.  Any prior term balance must be paid in full before payments will be applied to the OISP program tuition and fees.  Payment is due by the payment deadline.  Failure to meet the payment deadline will result in cancellation of students’ enrollment in the program.  Students may view their account on OPUS, or if they have any questions about account balance, they can contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Cost and Refund Policy

If a student needs to cancel his/her application for any reason, the student must do so in writing (an email from the student’s Emory email account will suffice) no later than March 14.

In all cases, once a student is in the Final Acceptance status, the $350 deposit is non-refundable.

Date Canceled and Penalty

The online course generally starts approximately one week prior to the on-site arrival date of the program.  For the purposes of the refund policy, the Program Start Date is defined as the first synchronous session of the online course.  The Program End Date is defined as the final day on-site of the program. 

  • On or before March 14: Forfeit of the deposit ($350).
  • March 15 to March 31: Forfeit of the deposit ($350) and $500.
  • April 1 to Program Start Date: Forfeit of the deposit ($350), $500 and any non-recoverable expenses (costs incurred or committed on behalf of the student) that may range up to 100% of the program fee.
  • After Program Start Date: Forfeit of the deposit ($350), $500 and any non-recoverable expenses (costs incurred or committed on behalf of the student) that may range up to 100% of the program fee; Tuition refund based upon the Emory College Summer School Tuition Refund Schedule (Please contact OISP for details.)

In addition, OISP reserves the right to charge for any unrecoverable* costs already paid on the student’s behalf by the program that are above and beyond the forfeited program fee.

* Emory University and OISP must often undertake substantial financial commitments on behalf of students prior to the beginning of a program. Even if students have not yet paid the full program balance, they are obligated to pay for any unrecoverable expenses incurred on their behalf. Unrecoverable costs may include expenses for both individual and group services.

If students choose not to participate in a program activity, either mandatory or not mandatory, (such as a field trip, excursion, cultural event, meal, etc.), they will not be refunded any portion of the cost of the program.

If students are dismissed from the program, they will receive no refund.

videoGlobal Internship Advising

Advising sessions begin in October. For more information you may also email: OISP.internships@emory.edu

If you are unable to attend an Advising Session, please email the Global Internship team to schedule a 1:1 consult.


Cliff Chan
Program Coordinator, Global Internships
Email: cliff.chan@emory.edu | Tel: 404-727-2240

Emergency Contact

For students on a program with an emergency after office hours, please call the Emory Police Department and a staff member will be paged: Tel: 404-727-6111