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The Liberal Arts Edge Initiatives support undergraduate students in their exploration of college to career pathways, create co-curricular frameworks for reflection, and leverage resources for high-impact experiences such as internships, research, and study abroad. These opportunities include partnerships with faculty and academic units as well as cross-campus collaborations with colleagues in Oxford CollegeAlumni Engagement and Development, Career Center, and Emory Libraries. Undergraduates in all majors may engage in options for scaffolding and connections for exploration depending on the students’ needs. For inquires or questions about upcoming opportunities, please contact edge@emory.edu.

Emory College Seminar (ECS 102): Liberal Arts Edge

Emory College Seminar (ECS) 102: The Liberal Arts Edge

1-credit | S/U
Open to all Majors
Contact edge@emory.edu

Course designed for sophomores and juniors to build upon the value of the liberal arts education (concepts introduced in PACE 101 for first years)

Enroll in ECS 102: The Liberal Arts Edge if any of these describe you:

  • I have a major in mind, but I am not sure if I can get a job with that major.
  • I am uncertain what this 2020 pandemic means for my future career.
  • My major is undecided.
  • I want to build connections between academic classes, co-curricular activities & my career path.
  • I want to learn how to use Handshake to find internships.
  • I need help with my resume so I can participate in the next Career Fair.
  • I want to learn how to conduct an informational interview with Emory alumni.
  • I want to create and learn how to use an Emory Connects-LinkedIn profile.
  • I want to communicate the value of my liberal arts degree.

Course Description:

This course focuses on identifying the skills that transfer from college to career and reflecting on how to transition from college to career. 

This course will help you to:

  • Identify your liberal arts skills and frame them for potential careers
  • Develop your interests and goals through exploration (career cluster research, informational interviews, alumni career panels)
  • Build your story using best strategies for connecting college to career (networking, designing roadmaps, digital identity tools, professional self-presentation)

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the value of an Emory liberal arts education
  • Articulate skills relevant to the global workforce
  • Describe current skills and values
  • Identify academic and career goals
  • Explore major areas and co-curricular opportunities at Emory (internships, research, study abroad)
  • Understand resources relevant to major selection and career pathways
  • Activate your Emory network (faculty, staff, upper-class students, and alumni) to make it an edge for you
  • Design a roadmap for navigating your four years at Emory and beyond
  • Learn communication strategies for crafting your story
  • Answer the question: "What's your Edge?"

ECS 102 Contact Information

Curious? Want to learn more?

Edge Stipends

Edge Stipends

  • Resources to support high-impact summer experiences such as internships, study abroad, and research

  • Stipends ranging from $1,000 to $6,000, depending on demonstrated financial need, location of summer experience, and budget

  • Priority given to students who have completed ECS 102

  • Contact edge@emory.edu for more information

Skill-Building Workshops

Digital/Technical Skill-Building Workshops

  • Series of workshops (non-credit bearing) designed and led by Emory Libraries
  • Development of research skills, communication and presentation skills, digital and technical literacy, coding and software programs, and more
  • Click here for more information

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