About OISP

The Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) is dedicated to fulfilling Emory College of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to academic excellence through the development, promotion, and administration of innovative programs that encourage intellectual and personal growth.  Through a wide variety of both domestic and international programs, our office provides students with opportunities for deep cultural engagement, experiential connections with the workplace, and challenging summer courses delivered both on campus and online.

In addition, our programs encourage the academic growth of high school and visiting undergraduate students and create unique pedagogical opportunities for faculty both on and off campus. Our services support students and faculty before, during, and after engaging on our study abroad programs so that study abroad remains an essential part of an Emory College education, while our summer programs ensure that students can access coursework critical to their academic aspirations throughout the year.  Furthermore, our academic internships initiative provides avenues for students to translate liberal arts skills from the classroom to the workplace.