Additional Opportunities and Awards

In addition to the awards administered through our office, there are numerous other awards and opportunities available to students that support undergraduate and graduate study, research, and professional placements in the US and abroad.

NS&FP maintains a searchable database of Emory awards sponsored by individual departments and programs:

NS&FP maintains a searchable database of additional opportunities, including scholarships, fellowships, and grants that support domestic and foreign undergraduate and graduate study, research, professional placements, service, and teaching experiences:

Additional resources to identify awards and opportunities:

Teaching and Service Opportunities

Study Abroad

Funding for Research Opportunities and Summer Opportunities

Targeted Awards for Historically Underserved and Underepresented Groups

Please note: Although we are not able to provide one-on-one advising support for awards listed in these databases, advice on preparing applications for prestigious awards, including advice on essays, letters of recommendation, and preparing résumés/ CVs for prestigious awards is available on NS&FP’s Canvas site. More information on accessing those materials is available here.