September 14, 2018 Volume 1 Issue 3

"Making Connections" by Laura Papotto

Dear College Community –

This is the third edition of the “connections” newsletter which exists to place a focus on staff opportunities for personal and professional development. We have adopted a sleeker format and are committed to making these bi-monthly editions.

Contained within you will find connection opportunities for self-reflection, self-education, self-fulfillment and/or opportunities for selflessness. These connections contribute to you being a healthier, smarter, more informed, and, dare I claim it – happier -- individual.

We are all living with sensory overload and inundated with the demands of work and life. That overload tends to make us hunker down and become isolated and myopic. I challenge you to claim some time for your own care and nurturing.

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Staff Speaker Series

Thursday, October 9, 2018 from 12:00 – 1:00 in Cannon Chapel (Brooks Common)

Join us for a lunchtime presentation “Gender, Race, and the Midterm Elections” by Professor Beth Reingold of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Lunch will be provided.

Click here to RSVP. 40 slots available.


Book Club

Could the key to losing weight, exercising regularly, being more productive, and achieving success be in understanding how habits work? In this book, The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg explores why we do what we do in our personal and professional lives. There are many types of habits, and methods to change them: some yield easily to analysis and influence; others are more complex and obstinate requiring prolonged study; and, for some, change is a process that never fully concludes. Change is not always quick or easy, but with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped.

The book club is a College-specific program offering that provides the opportunity for the Emory College community to connect. Books will be provided for those who sign up. Join us on Friday, October 26, 2018, 12:30 – 1:30p.m., Atwood (Chemistry) Room 320 for a discussion on this fascinating area of research! Register here.

Once you register, pick up a free copy of your book in Atwood (Chemistry) Room 324.


Healthy Emory

With the promotion of Operation: Eat Right and other nutrition programs, nutrition activities took the lead this quarter with 2044 participants! Thank you to the Wellness Champions for their hard work of engaging employees in this campaign through Healthy Emory Connect. The University is happy to announce that there are now 10,000+ users on the platform! Let’s reach a new goal of getting another 2,000 registered by the end of next quarter. Register here.

Stress Less

Everyone is affected by stress. How you handle it makes all the difference. The first thing is to recognize how your body responds to stress. Are you easily irritated or angered; do you have problems sleeping; do you feel depressed or have low energy? FSAP provides a number of stress-management resources available for Emory University employees:

Refresh from Stress: 30-Day Inspiration

This is an exciting opportunity starting October 1, 2018 for Emory University and Emory Healthcare faculty and staff to engage in 30 simple steps to enhance emotional health. Daily activities will promote self-care, mindfulness, social connections, gratitude and other inspirations to help you refresh from stress and increase resilience. Participants will have the opportunity to earn either 10,000 or 20,000 HEC points, as well as be eligible for prize drawings, based on number of completed activities.

This is a very worth-while use of your time!

refresh-from-stress.png Sign up today!!!

Below are additional resources offered by FSAP:

Aetna Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

Benefits-eligible employees/dependents can earn incentives through free online and telephonic coaching.; 1.866.213.0153

Financial Education, Caregiver Support, and Flexibility

The Emory WorkLife Resource Center offers financial programs as well as resources and services for child care, elder care, and workplace flexibility. 404.727.8000

Online Screening Tools

Available for confidential assessment of potential issues related to mental health and substance abuse.

Walking Groups

Emory staff, including Wellness Champions, offer walking groups at various times and locations throughout the year. Click here for more information on walking groups at Emory.

College Employee of the Year

Employee of the Year is an annual Emory College award sponsored by the College Staff Consortium started in 1993. This College-wide award is designed to recognize a College employee for outstanding contribution to Emory College. Nominations of those meeting the criteria are reviewed by a Selection Committee of the CSC Executive Council.

For the 2017-2018 academic year, Anne K. Walker was the selected EOY winner. She is described as intelligent, kind, talented, friendly, professional, helpful, honest, patient, calm, and delightful to work with. She has dedicated 20+ years to the Emory community working seven (7) years at Rollins School of Public Health Center for Public Scholarship and thirteen (13) with the Emory Dance Program. She has also given of her time as an active member of the Emory College Wellness Committee.

In her time working with the Dance Program she has taken the lead in designing not only their website, social media, and posters, but she receives the credit in designing a system to inform, welcome, and involve prospective students in the Emory Dance Program. As a member of the Wellness Committee she has organized Gyrokinesis class, a physio-ball class, and has led a walk as part of Emory’s Refresh from Stress program. She reaches out to local high schools promoting Emory Arts events. In 2016 Anne volunteered her time to organize the American College Dance Association Spring conference which is described as a “huge college dance conference for colleges in the southeast.” This she has all done as a part-time employee.

Anne was honored at the 13th annual Staff Service Award Ceremony and Reception held in August.

Congratulations Anne, on this honorable achievement!!

Upcoming Meetings

Oct 9, 12:00 - 1:00 PM Staff Speaker Series

Location: Brooks Common (Cannon Chapel)

Oct 15, 2:00 - 3:30 PM Staff Department Operations Meeting

Location: TBD

Oct 26, 12:30 - 1:30 PM Book Club

Location: Atwood (Chemistry) Room 320