Welcome to Emory College

Michael Elliott

Welcome to Emory College of Arts and Sciences — a diverse, exciting community of scholars and students from across the globe. We are committed in the College to a spirit of deep inquiry and intellectual challenge. Whether working in the library, laboratory or field, our faculty push the boundaries of knowledge to ask new questions about our society and our planet.

Emory offers students a rare opportunity to experience both the sense of community that comes with a liberal arts college and the full resources of an urban research university. With more than 45 departments and programs, 86 majors, and 63 minors, our students can explore widely and dive deeply.

Right now, there is a wide-ranging debate about the purpose of higher education and the value of studying the liberal arts and sciences. At Emory, we don’t hide from those arguments — we embrace them. We believe that a liberal education — which requires studying in multiple disciplines before specializing — offers the best preparation possible for whatever lies beyond graduation.

Through our curriculum of first-year seminars and General Education Requirements, our students are exposed to the breadth of disciplines in the College, and offered instruction in crucial skills, such as writing and quantitative reasoning. As students select their majors, they frequently pursue additional opportunities to work with faculty through undergraduate research assistantships, study abroad programs, and honors theses.

When they graduate, our students are ready to shape the world. We believe that a college education should prepare students for jobs—including careers that we cannot yet envision—but we also believe that a college education should do more. We want every graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences to lead a life of meaning and consequence. We believe that our future depends on the education of men and women with the capacity to think critically, to tackle challenges, and to act with understanding.

At Emory College, we are driven by our passions for inquiry and discovery, and I invite you to join us and experience what makes this academic community so special. 


Michael A. Elliott
Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Charles Howard Candler Professor of English