Engaged Citizenship is an Emory College Arts and Sciences initiative that enables College staff to be of service to the Atlanta community.  It is an opportunity for College staff to lend their time, expertise, and talent to local, non-profit organizations already devoted to improving the lives of community members in chronic or episodic need.  This program, which provides labor in direct service to humanity, is one way the College can contribute to the vision of One Emory – Engaged for Impact.

The College Engaged Citizenship Program exists because Emory is a caring community that supports and encourages all voices and views, nurtures the personal and professional development and growth of individuals, and cultivates the individual’s desire and ownership of her or his place in the University. 

Promoting engaged citizenship directly relates to two themes of the strategic plan:  “creating community, engaging society” and “confronting the human condition and human experience.”   There are multiple benefits well documented in publications and research to having such a program.   Our goals break out as follows:

For employees

  • Strengthens organizational, leadership, communications, financial management and decision-making skills.
  • Expands networking within the community.
  • Increases awareness of community issues.
  • Generates an increased sense of community ownership and engagement.


For the campus:

  • Increases employee morale, loyalty and productivity.
  • Improves communications and relations between management and workforce. Enhances/increases employee recruitment and retention. 
  • Creates ways to implement/address strategic goals and objectives.


For the community: 

  • Provides new talent and ideas to meet community needs.
  • Creates healthier communities by improving the overall quality of life.
  • Generates a renewed spirit of citizenship.
  • Strengthens the local economy.


Acknowledging that just one day can make a difference, we are excited that as an influential organization of higher learning, we would have such an impact and create a positive change within the larger Atlanta community.

These organizational benefits include an increase in employee satisfaction and retention, promotion of teamwork and camaraderie across the organization, professional development and personal skills enhancement, and improvement of the organization’s image in the community. 

This program is the essence of social action.