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Meet the Deans

Robin Forman, Dean of Emory College of Arts and Sciences

Michael A. Elliott, Executive Associate Dean

Patricia Bauer, Senior Associate Dean, Research
Joanne Brzinski, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Carla Freeman, Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

Priscilla Echols, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Sally Gouzoules, Associate Dean for Summer and International Programs
Wendy Newby, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Jason S. Breyan, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
Shari Obrentz, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

Office of the Dean

Robin Forman

Dean of Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics

Robin Forman

Robin Forman became Dean of Emory College of Arts and Sciences on July 1, 2010 and also holds the title of Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Mathematics.

Forman previously was a member of the Rice faculty since 1987, being named full professor of mathematics in 1999 and serving as chair of the Department of Mathematics from 2001-2005. He served as Rice's dean of undergraduate studies from 2005-July 2010. He was a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Pennsylvania who earned a Ph.D. in mathematics from Harvard University, serving for two years as an instructor at MIT before going to Rice.

Forman's research, which has been funded by the NSF, NSA and DARPA, focuses on combinatorial methods in topology and geometry.

Among his varied avocational interests are chess, where he has attained the rank of Master; stand-up comedy; and songwriting. He and his wife, Ann Owens, have a son, Saul.

Susan Lee
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Lynette Lee
Program Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Executive Associate Dean

Michael A. Elliott

Executive Associate Dean

Michael A. ElliottMichael A. Elliott received his Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University 1998, and began his career at Emory in that year. As Professor of English and American Studies, his teaching and research interests range from nineteenth-century ethnography to contemporary practices of historical commemoration. From 2010 to 2014, he served as Senior Associate Dean for Faculty in Emory College. In his role as Executive Associate Dean, he works closely with the other members of the senior leadership team, serves as a liaison to other University offices, and coordinates the College’s academic planning processes with its operations.

Office of Faculty

Carla Freeman

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty

Carla FreemanCarla Freeman received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Temple University in 1993 and joined the departments of Anthropology and Women's Studies at Emory in 1995. Her research and teaching focus on the culture and political economy of globalization, and the relationships between gender, labor and social class. She joined the College office in 2014 as Senior Associate Dean of Faculty, overseeing the hiring process and the tenure and promotion process for faculty in the Arts and Sciences as well as faculty development initiatives in the College. She serves as the College office liaison to the College Tenure & Promotion Committee and to the College Affirmative Action Committee.


Patricia Bauer

Senior Associate Dean, Research

Patricia BauerPatricia Bauer received her Ph.D. from Miami University in 1985 and was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of California, San Diego from 1985 to 1989. She was on the faculty of the Institute of Child Development at the University of Minnesota from 1989 to 2005. After two years in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University, she joined the faculty of Emory University in 2007. She serves as Senior Associate Dean for Research in Emory College, and is the Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Psychology. Her research focuses on the development of memory from infancy through childhood, with special emphasis on the determinants of remembering and forgetting; and links between social, cognitive, and neural developments and age-related changes in autobiographical or personal memory.

Office for Undergraduate Education

Joanne Brzinski

Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Joanne BrzinskiJoanne Brzinski is the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in Emory College of Arts and Sciences. In this role, she oversees the staff involved in academic affairs and academic programs supported by Emory College. The Office for Undergraduate Education (OUE) has three primary roles:

    1. Academic records: OUE organizes student enrollment, tracks progress toward the degree and works with students taking an atypical path to the degree (e.g., students on probation, involved in transient study, or requesting exceptions to College rules). We work with the faculty in the Curriculum and Educational Policy Committees to set the curriculum and evaluate its success. We certify degrees when students are ready to graduate.
    2. Academic Support and Advising: OUE is responsible for providing primary academic advising for all entering College students and specialized assistance for students seeking academic accommodations. We maintain services to support student academic success through peer mentoring, tutoring, specialized advising (e.g., Pre-Health Advising or Scholarship advising), and intensive support from learning specialists. We communicate regularly with faculty advisors in departments and programs about their advising roles.
    3. Academic Programs: OUE includes offices supporting undergraduate research, the Emory Scholars program, National Scholarship programs, the College Honors program, academic honor societies, and peer leadership opportunities. These programs encourage students toward academic excellence and achievement.

Dr. Brzinski completed her PhD at University of Michigan, focusing on elections and political parties in Europe. She has been at Emory since September 1992, initially as an assistant professor in political science and in 1999, became an assistant dean in Emory College. As an Assistant and then Associate Dean in OUE, she worked with National Scholarships and Fellowships advising and established the SIRE Undergraduate Research program. She is currently president of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors. She has directed the first year advising program as well. Dean Brzinski has been in her current role since April 2008. In that time, she has taken a leading administrative role implementing revised general education requirements (2009) and making changes to credit hours (2012-13).

Priscilla Echols

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Priscilla EcholsDean Echols's responsibilities include management of retention, co-oversight of the first-year class, administration-including the design and build-of online degree audits for students, development of student academic affairs technology services, and completion of transfer forms for students pursuing placement at other institutions. In addition, she is the liaison to the Office of the Registrar and the PeopleSoft student information system production team, works with Enrollment Management and the Admission and Scholarships Committee, and is the College representative on the Governance Committee for the PeopleSoft Student Administration System. Dean Echols's interdisciplinary doctorate was in the fields of Literature and Religion. She teaches in the departments of Religion, Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture, and Italian Studies. Her courses focus on the theme of transformation as viewed through apocalyptic literature, especially Dante's Divine Comedy. She currently is working on a Master's in Social Work to augment her understanding of human behavior in the social environment and eventually will be certified as a licensed clinical social worker.

Wendy Newby

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

Wendy NewbyWendy Newby is a licensed psychologist whose career has been focused on understanding the interaction between learner characteristics, teaching practices, and instructional outcomes. Dean Newby came to Emory in the fall of 2000 to work with faculty as the Director of Faculty Resources for Inclusive Instruction, a position developed to expand the understanding among Emory University faculty of the educational needs of students with diverse learning characteristics. As dean, she directs the development and management of the Learning Programs division of the Office for Undergraduate Education, which provides a variety of academic support services to undergraduate students. Dean Newby acts as liaison between the College and the Office of Disabilities Services and works collaboratively with the newly formed Center for Faculty Development and Excellence as it builds programs to support faculty excellence in teaching and research.

Sally Gouzoules

Associate Dean for Summer and International Programs & Executive Director, Center for International Programs Abroad

Sally Gouzoules

Jason Breyan

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education

dean breyan

Shari Obrentz

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Education
Director, Pre-Health Mentoring Office

shari obrentzShari Obrentz serves as the sophomore class dean and learning specialist. She oversees the EPASS peer tutoring and science peer led mentoring programs and works with departments to develop new academic support programs. She also helps coordinate Oxford Day (orientation for Oxford Continuees), Transfer Student Advising and Probation Advising. Dean Obrentz received her BA from Washington University in St. Louis, double majoring in Psychology and Spanish; she received her MS in Professional Counseling and PhD in Educational Psychology from Georgia State University.

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