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Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE) Overview | Undergraduate Research


For undergraduate students who would like to participate more fully in meaningful research early on in their academic careers, the College offers Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory (SIRE). At Emory College, teaching and research go hand-in-hand as experienced faculty bring their commitment to sharing knowledge in the classroom and producing scholarship that makes a valuable contribution to the world. Students bring fresh insights and energy to both teaching and research, creating an even more dynamic intellectual community.

Check out this short video featuring student researchers and their mentors!

SIRE promotes undergraduate research projects through grants, faculty-student research partnerships, and summer research stipends, offering advantages to both students and faculty. Undergraduate research programs increase retention, improve study skills, and create stronger bonds for students. At the same time, these undergraduate researchers assist faculty in accomplishing ambitious research and allow faculty to work with self-motivated, developing scholars.

SIRE programs are available to any undergraduate students in Emory College in good academic standing. Several programs, each suited to different student levels or needs, are offered each year, and students may be accepted in more than one program per academic year.

Click here for a one-page summary of SIRE programs.

SIRE Research Opportunities and Resources

Research Ambassadors
Emory Research Ambassadors support and promote outreach initiatives and the goals of Undergraduate Research Programs. Open to researchers in all majors and disciplines, Research Ambassadors applications are currently being accepted for the 2016-2017 academic year.

DEADLINE EXTENDED to Friday April 29th for students who are not currently participating in SIRE RPP.  See Application Guidelines for more details and application instructions. Questions? Email

Independent Research Grants - Each Semester
Open to advanced students in all fields, the Grant Program supports student-designed, mentored research projects by providing funding for research and travel.

Grants are awarded each semester for up to $1500 for domestic research and up to $2500 for international projects.

Deadlines: October 24 for spring grants, March 10 for summer grants, and July 1 for fall grants.

Research Partners - Academic Year
Open to first-, second- and third-year students in all fields, the Research Partners Program helps students get involved in research by matching students and faculty in research partnerships for one academic year. SIRE Graduate fellows plan weekly meetings and workshops to support skill building.

Students with work-study funds are paid hourly for their work on the faculty-designed projects.  Students without federal work study are given course credit corresponding to time spent working on their research project.  Graduate fellows are awarded a 10- or 12-month stipend.

Deadlines: July 1 for the following academic year for undergraduates and February for graduate fellows.

Summer Programs

Independent Research Grants fund students in mentored research projects during the summer session. Grants can be used for research materials and travel, but not for campus housing. 
Please see the link above for more information on SIRE grants.

Emory’s SURE Program supports students wishing to work on campus in the natural sciences with programming, on-campus housing, and a stipend for the 10-week program.  Please consult the SURE website for details on stipend awards and application deadlines (which are earlier than the SIRE summer program deadlines). Click here to visit the SURE Program website.

International Research Experience in the Sciences (IRES) supports students in the natural sciences who have at least one year of research experience at Emory.  The student’s Emory mentor and program faculty help place students in international laboratories for a 10-week term. Students receive a $3000 stipend plus a travel award.

Deadline: October 24 for the upcoming summer.

SIRE Summer Research Partners Program is open to students in the humanities, social sciences and the creative & performing arts in full-time research. Students can work full-time on a faculty research project, or part-time on the faculty project and part-time on their own mentored research project. Students interested in Emory’s racial history can work on a project co-funded by the Transforming Community Project. 
Students receive a $3000 stipend and on-campus housing for the 10-week program.
Extended Deadline: March 10 for the upcoming summer.

Note: students interested in the sciences should apply to the Emory SURE Program.

Research Symposia
Emory College offers research symposia featuring undergraduate research twice a year.  The Fall Research Symposium is during Family Weekend in October, and the Spring Research Symposium is during Undergraduate Research Week at the end of April.  Along with other interested students, students funded by SIRE will present their work in one or both of the symposia during the academic year they are funded. 

Emory College students may make an appointment to print their posters at Emory College Web Help at

Graduate Fellows
SIRE Graduate Fellows participate in the Research Partner Program by developing programming to support the undergraduate researchers and meeting weekly with the students.  Graduate fellows are supported for 12 months working with both the academic year research partners and the SIRE and SURE programs in the summer.

Conference Presentations
Each year the SIRE program provides support for undergraduates who are presenting their research at professional conferences in their field. The decision to fund students is based on the quality of student proposals, overall academic records, and recommendations from faculty mentors. Awards will be made three times a year - deadlines for consideration are Sept 1, Feb 1 and May 1.

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