Appropriate for First Year students.

TimeDaysLocationInstructorGERCreditOPUS Class NumberSyllabus (Tentative)
White Hall 112
Zhao, Rui. HSC. 45243 TBA.

August 24, 2011- December 06, 2011

Catalog Description: Prerequisite: none. Introduction to the theory of markets, including consumer and producer choice and how they interact to determine prices and resource allocations. Applications include price controls, production, market structures, environmental economics, governmental regulation of the economy, labor and capital markets, and international exchange.

Semester Details:

In this course, we learn the basic concepts and methods of microeconomics -- the study of how individual consumers and producers make their decisions and interact in markets under conditions of perfect and imperfect competition. We also apply these concepts and methods to a range of economic questions and policy issues. One important set of policy issues is whether and how markets may fail and whether, when they fail, government intervention may be needed to correct those failures. Topics covered include demand and supply in competitive markets, market power, game theory, information economics, and externalities and public goods.

Required Textbooks, Articles, and Resources

  1. Joseph Stiglitz, Carl Walsh. Principles of Microeconomics.
    ISBN: 9780393068266.
    Publisher: Norton


Assignment/ExamDetails% of Total Grade
2 midterm exams, 1 final

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