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PACE/Pre-Major | Academic Advising


The Pre-Major Advising Connections at Emory Program (PACE) is a multifaceted academic advising support system which serves first-year students until they declare a major before the end of their second year. Prior to their arrival, incoming students are matched with a faculty advisor and peer leaders who help them acclimate to college life, find their passions and plan for academic and career success. 

The Office for Undergraduate Education (OUE) and Campus life supplement this advising team and provide educational panels, programs and sessions throughout the first year. These informational meetings serve to further connect students to campus resources and help them identify avenues for academic and personal growth. First-year students enroll in PACE 101 and receive one semester hour of academic credit toward their Emory College degree for successfully completing the program. The grading basis for the course is satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

The PACE Program provides first-year students with the resources and skills necessary to:

  • Explore a liberal arts education
  • Identify academic/co-curricular interests
  • Understand College policies
  • Become familiar with campus resources and opportunities

PACE 101 Course

  • Provides an introduction to the liberal arts at Emory and academic opportunities
  • Introduces students to the Emory community
  • Helps students understand College curriculum, requirements and policies
  • Offers strategies for managing time and health

Role of Faculty advisors

  • Establish a connection with first-year students
  • Discuss/help students identify academic areas of interest and goals
  • Refer advisees to other resources where necessary
  • Be familiar with general education requirements and other requirements for graduation
  • Serve as advisor of record until students declare majors
  • Alert OUE if concerned about advisees

Role of Orientation Leaders

  • Establish a connection with first-year students
  • Assist students with academic orientation and transition throughout the first year
  • Work with departments during Orientation
  • Provide technical advising on scheduling courses, using OPUS
  • Refer students to campus resources


PACE Administrators 

Dean Jason Breyan
Assistant Dean and Director of Academic Advising

Few Hall 117

Tina McDowell
Assistant Director

White Hall 216

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