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Committee on Academic Integrity

About Us

The Committee on Academic Integrity, established through the Honor Code of Emory College of Arts and Sciences, serves as the outreach arm of the College Honor Council. Inherent in our mission, however, is a desire to serve the Emory community as a whole. We seek to make the Honor Code an essential part of the Emory experience—not a mere afterthought. 

The CAI comprises a dozen students from the undergraduate programs of Emory University. Our initiatives and programs vary from year to year, but recently we have undertaken the following projects:

  • Developing a time management skills program for use in residence halls
  • Assisting in a project to publish Honor Council cases in the Emory Wheel
  • Placing posters illustrating academic integrity dilemmas in the residence halls
  • Hosting a joint forum on the ethics of study drugs
  • Working with the College Council to develop ethics guidelines for the posting of class comments

Our webpage includes information about our activities as well as academic integrity resources at Emory and beyond.

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