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Fall 2020 FAQs

  • Academic

    Fall 2020 Plan: Emory College Academics.

  • What is the plan for fall?

    Emory College of Arts and Sciences will offer courses in both in-person and online formats. Students will be able to choose whether they wish to return to campus or undertake courses from their current location.

  • What are the new dates for fall semester?

    Fall semester classes will begin on Wednesday, August 19.

    Classes will end before the Thanksgiving Break by Tuesday, Nov. 24. At this time, all students will depart campus.

  • When will final exams happen?

    Final exams will take place remotely after Thanksgiving Break.

  • What are my options for taking classes in the fall?

    You will have the option to take courses in-person or online. Students who will be on campus should expect to take a mix of both to fill their schedule.

  • How will I know which format my course will be offered in?

    The Course Atlas will be updated by July 1 and will display if courses are in-person or online.

  • Will all courses be offered both online and in-person?

    No. Some courses will be offered in both online and in-person formats, particularly when there are multiple sections of a course being offered. Most courses will meet only online or in-person.

  • If all my courses are online, do I need to come to campus/be in Atlanta?

    No. If a student has a 100% online schedule they are not required to be in Atlanta/on campus.  Some students may not be able to return to campus, so all online classes are an option for them.

  • If I don’t want to take online courses but also don’t feel comfortable returning to campus what should I do?

    Returning Students who do not wish to enroll in online courses but don’t feel comfortable returning to campus in the fall semester should consider a leave of absence. Students can find the Leave of Absence form by visiting the OUE Resources A-Z and select “Leave of Absence: Personal/Other.” Students who wish to discuss this option should contact their academic advisor.

    If you are a new first-year student or transfer student, please connect with the Office of Admission about your options.

  • How will the online course experience match the in-person experience?

    While there will be some differences, the experiences will be equivalent. Emory College faculty have spent the summer planning for online courses and have reworked syllabi as appropriate to deliver a high-quality Emory online experience.

  • Will OUE Services be offered virtually, in-person or both?

    Yes. All College services (advising, academic coaching, EPASS Tutors, Learning Assistants, Writing Center) will continue to offer services. It is likely that many of these services will be only offered in an online format.

  • Will you offer adjusted grading options in the fall semester as you did in the spring?

    No. The adjusted grading options offered in Spring 2020 were approved due to the move to emergency remote teaching mid-semester. Regular deadlines and processes will be followed in the Fall 2020 semester as outlined in the Emory College Catalog.

  • When will the Academic Calendar be updated to reflect the new fall semester dates?

    The Academic Calendar on the OUE Website will be updated no later than Wednesday, June 17.

  • Registration

  • Are schedules changing?

    Yes. Meeting patterns for in-person courses will change so that we are able to enact our enhanced cleaning protocols in classrooms. Additionally, we will move all online courses into the same meeting pattern as those that meet in-person so that students will have the maximum number of course options for the fall semester.

    If you are currently enrolled in a course outside of the College (Business School, Laney Graduate School, Rollins School of Public Health, etc.) then you will retain that enrollment.

  • Why do I need to re-register?

    Almost every course that we planned to offer in the fall is affected by the schedule changes. It was not practical for students to keep their current fall schedules.

  • What is the timeline for re-registration?

    June 16Academic Advising available through College Connect
    June 26Enrollment Times Available in OPUS
    July 1University Course Atlas updated.
    OPUS Shopping Cart Opens
    July 9 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSeniors (90+ earned hours) register for 8 hours
    July 10 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSeniors (90+ earned hours) register remainder of schedule
    July 14 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmJuniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
    July 15 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmJuniors (60 – 89.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
    July 17 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register for 8 hours
    July 20 // 12 pm - 11.59 pmSophomores (0 – 59.99 earned hours) register remainder of schedule
    July 21 (12 pm) – Aug 1 (11.59 pm)Add/Drop/Swap for continuing and new transfer students
    Aug 2 – Aug 16Add/Drop/Swap pauses for continuing and new transfer students to allow Class of 2024 to register
    August 17 // 12 pmAdd/Drop/Swap reopens for all students
    August 19First Day of Class
    August 26 // 11.59 pmAdd/Drop/Swap ends for Fall 2020 Semester
  • What happened to my existing schedule?

    As part of the restart process we have dropped all of your College course enrollments. You can find a PDF version of your previous enrollment in the Communications tile on OPUS.

  • Why does my shopping cart still have courses in it?

    We are unable to drop the courses that are currently in your shopping cart, but because of the changes to our course offerings, the details for the courses may no longer be accurate. You should clear your shopping cart and add courses back as you need.

  • What is the re-registration timeline?

    The Course Atlas will be updated with the new fall information no later than July 1st. Students will register based on earned credits hours (this includes new transfer students).

    • Seniors (90+ earned hours): Thursday, July 9 and Friday, July 10
    • Juniors (60-89.99+ earned hours): Tuesday, July 14 and Wednesday, July 15
    • Sophomores (students up to 59.99 earned hours excluding Class of 2024): Friday, July 17 and Monday, July 20
    • Add/Drop/Swap will be open for continuing students from July 21 until August 1, and will then reopen on August 17.

    Students in the Class of 2024 will register in early August. More details will be provided to new students by the Orientation Team in the regular Wonderful Wednesday new student communication.

  • When will A/D/S end?

    Add/Drop/Swap for all students will end at 11.59 p.m. on August 26.

  • Will all of my classes still be offered?

    The College is committed to offering a full schedule of courses in the fall. Most of the same courses will be offered, although students should expect changes in some of the courses available and in how they are offered.

    Physical distancing is a key component of our return to campus plan. This may lead faculty to cancel a course because it is not practical to offer the course in person and the educational experience would be compromised in an online environment. Academic departments are planning to offer alternatives where possible.

  • What happens if a class I ‘need’ is full or not offered?

    If you need to enroll in a particular class to satisfy your major and it is currently full or is no longer being offered in the fall semester, please contact your faculty advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department to discuss your situation and alternatives.

  • Do the limits on class size (to accommodate social distancing in the class room) mean there will be fewer seats available?

    In some classes, we are cutting maximum enrollment to make it safe. These are generally classes that involve physical activity or some specific risk—like dance or music courses. Sometimes departments plan to add sections to accommodate the same number of students.

    In most cases, class enrollments are not being adjusted. We are instead moving in-person courses into larger classrooms that allow physical distancing for the size of the class.

    In online courses, some courses which have been constrained by the size of their classrooms are able to add some seats in the online environment. However, there too the size of courses is mostly remaining the same.

  • Are advisors available to meet with me?

    Academic advisors will be offering virtual drop-in advising for all continuing students. Details of these drop-in advising sessions can be found in College Connect.

  • As a new first year student, who should I meet with about course scheduling?

    College Pre-Registration Advising will be available for new students in mid/late July. You will receive specific information regarding these meetings soon. Please do not try to schedule with an academic advisor prior to meeting your Pre-Registration Advisor.

  • Should I meet with my major advisor?

    Faculty availability may be limited during the summer. Please reach out to your major advisor and the DUS for your department. We also encourage you to connect with your OUE advisor.

  • How many credits will I be allowed to take?

    Returning students will be capped at 19 credit hours for the fall semester.

    New students will be capped at 17 credit hours for the fall semester.

  • Can I take more credits than the stated limit?

    Returning students who wish to take more than 19 hours may, under certain circumstances, request an exception to this rule. The Overload Exception request form will be available here after the schedule of classes is published in early July.

  • Can I underload?

    Only students in their final semester prior to graduation are permitted to underload.

    All other students are expected to maintain full-time enrollment, i.e. a minimum of 12 credit hours.

  • Online Courses

  • What time zone will online courses be offered?

    All class meeting times will be displayed in OPUS and the Course Atlas in Eastern Time.

  • How much synchronous contact time can I expect in an online class?

    Most meet for 75 minutes per week. Others may meet for more frequently. Additional content will be delivered asynchronously.

  • Why isn’t my synchronous session for the full class time?

    Online courses contain the equivalent content to in-person courses. Lecture material will mostly be delivered asynchronously and the synchronous session used for student engagement activities.

  • Am I expected to attend synchronous sessions?

    Yes. These sessions should be viewed in the same way you would view in-person meetings on campus. You are expected to attend live.

  • Is it okay if I plan just to watch recordings of the synchronous sessions?

    No. Synchronous sessions will be participatory. The content is designed to allow students to engage with the class material and are a vital component of the online experience.

  • What are the classroom expectations for online courses?

    We expect for students to be engaged during synchronous sessions and have their webcam and/or microphones enabled. If personal situations prohibit full participation in a particular session, students should contact their professor in advance.

  • What do I do if my class is offered at an unsociable hour where I live?

    Students who will not be physically present in Atlanta/on campus should consider time zone when registering for fall semester. If you are required to take a particular course for your major, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Undergraduate Program Coordinator in your department to discuss your situation.

  • Are there different academic policies for online courses?

    No. All courses offered by Emory College follow the policies set out in the Emory College Catalog.

  • What technology am I required to have for Emory College online courses?

    Students will be required to have a laptop, webcam and headphones in order to participate in online courses. Emory Student Digital Life have made specific technical recommendations for students.. We are working with other units of the university to make sure students in financial need have the technical resources they need for their courses.

  • If I am fully online, will I still have access to all Emory resources, including library resources?

    Yes. Students will still have access to the regular suite of Emory support resources including academic coaching, EPASS Peer Tutoring, and the Writing Center. Information on Library services can be found on the University Main Library website.

  • Orientation

  • When will I receive updates about new student orientation?

    Our New Student Programs team are working hard to deliver orientation programming for new students. New students and parents will receive direct communications from the team in late June with specific details regarding orientation.

  • When will move-in happen?

    We are still working out the logistics around New Student Programming. New students and parents will receive information from the New Student Programs team in late June.

  • Can parents still come with their student for move-in and orientation?

    We are still working out the logistics around New Student Programming. New students and parents will receive information from the New Student Programs team in late June.

  • Non-Academic

  • Will all students be required to undergo COVID-19 testing?

    COVID-19 testing will be mandatory for all students living in residence halls, along with those taking in-person classes, upon or shortly before returning to campus. Testing will also be available at any time during the semester for those who are symptomatic and for their close contacts.

  • Will the University have a test and trace policy on campus?

    Yes. More details on this will be provided in later communications.

  • Will face coverings be required on campus?

    Yes. All students, faculty and staff will be required to wear a face covering in public spaces.

  • What steps are you taking to clean classrooms, bathrooms, academic buildings regularly?

    Emory will enhance all of our cleaning protocols. This means that public spaces will be cleaned more frequently. In addition, the changes we are making to academic scheduling will allow students, faculty, and staff more time to enter and exit buildings in a physically distanced way. It will also allow us to clean teaching spaces more regularly throughout the day.

  • What will happen if a student needs to be quarantined? Will they be expected to keep up with their course work?

    Student Health Services will be putting in place a protocol for students who must quarantine while in residence on campus. The College is committed to working with students who quarantine to enable them to make progress in their course work.

  • Who should I contact with questions about on-campus housing/move-in dates?

    Housing Operations will be in contact with residential students about changes to the residential experience for Fall 2020. If you have specific questions, please contact

  • Who should I contact with questions about dining?

    Questions regarding Emory Dining and student dining plans should be directed to