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Emory Update and Resources Especially for You

Dear Parents and Families, 

Here at Emory, students have always been our most important priority. And so it is natural that we share your deepest concerns for their success and wellbeing. Amid these uncertain times, that’s one reason we are committed to open communication that provides accurate, up-to-date information.

A few days ago, we notified the Emory community that two undergraduate students staying at Dobbs Hall and the Clairmont campus were being tested for possible COVID-19. While awaiting test results, the students self-isolated in off-campus housing provided by the university. 

Today, we can report that both students have tested negative; they will remain in off-campus housing until other arrangements can be made. A third Emory student who lives off campus was tested for possible COVID-19, and has also tested negative.

On March 16, two undergraduate students residing at Emory Point tested positive for COVID-19. Both students are in satisfactory condition and are self-isolating in their off-campus apartment. The students, who had left campus for spring break, have not been on the Emory University campus for more than a week; they did not report feeling ill until they returned from the break.

Please be assured that Emory’s student health services and other environmental safety personnel interview all individuals within the campus community who test positive for COVID-19. Those interviews not only determine a patient’s contacts and activities, they help guide the university in taking action to safeguard the community’s health.

Emory will update the public on COVID-19-specific updates and information via the Emory COVID-19 website, “Coronavirus Updates for the Emory Community.”

When the spread of COVID-19 was first reported in the U.S., Emory increased the frequency and intensity of its cleaning regime in all areas of the university, focusing on commons areas such as bathrooms, dining facilities and meeting rooms. If students or other members of the university community are tested for COVID-19 –– as with our two undergraduate students who were tested on March 14 — their rooms and workspaces will be cleaned and disinfected as detailed above.

We have been advising students to leave campus and, if possible, return to their homes. We understand that it is not possible for all, so Emory is prepared to provide support to those who are unable to relocate and have been granted an exemption. All other students must move out of the residence halls by March 22 at 5 p.m. If you are concerned about traveling to campus to help your student move out, please know that the university can pack and ship belongings or store them locally for your student. We can also make arrangements for you and your student to move out during non-peak hours.

For those students who cannot leave campus, Student Health Services will remain open. At this time, our care model will be a hybrid of virtual assessment and in-person visits. In order to manage the volume and protect the health of our patients and caregivers, Student Health Services will identify via phone the best course to seek treatment for those who feel unwell. Students with urgent concerns should call Student Health Services at 404-727-7551 or Oxford Student Health Services at 770-784-8376. In the event of severe symptoms, including shortness of breath, fever, dizziness, or chest pain, they should call 911 directly.

Emory’s commitment to the health and safety of our community is paramount. A team of representatives from emergency preparedness, health care, campus life and other units are working to protect students, faculty, staff and visitors. We also continue to partner closely with local and state agencies to monitor and manage any public health issue that has the potential to affect our community, including COVID-19. For regular updates and Frequently Asked Questions, visit Emory's Coronavirus Website.


Jan Love, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Christopher L. Augostini, Executive Vice President Business and Administration, Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan S. Lewin, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Emory Healthcare 

Enku Gelaye, Vice President and Dean of Campus Life