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Emory College Summer School Updates

Dear student,

As you recently heard from the Provost’s office, courses will not be held on campus this summer. However, Emory College Online courses are still available, and most scheduled Emory College Summer School courses will be transitioning to the online format. You may view a list of all of the courses that will be transitioning to an online format, as well as all of the existing Emory College Online courses on the Summer Programs website.

The Course Atlas and OPUS will be updated over the coming week to reflect the shift of courses to the online format and to update each course with its new synchronous meeting times. Please be patient as we make these updates.

For those of you that were already enrolled in an on-campus Summer School course, you will remain enrolled as that course transitions to online. You will receive an email next week once all synchronous course times have been updated. At that point, we will encourage all enrolled students to check the required meeting times and decide if you would like to remain enrolled in the online version of the course. If you are no longer interested in being enrolled in a course as it transitions to an online format, you may drop the course via OPUS.

If your on-campus course is not transitioning to the online format, it will be cancelled, and you will receive an email notification to that effect. This will be rare, as most planned on-campus summer courses are transitioning to online.

Please note that all online summer courses will follow the Emory College Online format, which means that:

  • All courses will include a combination of required synchronous sessions and asynchronous course content. Students are expected to attend the live synchronous sessions, just as they would be expected to attend classes on campus.
  • All students will need a webcam and a reliable internet connection in order to participate in their course. Please see the other technology requirements here.
  • All regular Emory College academic policies (including add/drop/swap deadlines, S/U deadlines, Honor Code, etc.) apply to Emory College Online courses.

Many online summer courses are at or near enrollment capacity. Please use the waitlist feature to indicate your intent to enroll in a course, even if it is full. The waitlists will be used to determine when additional sections of courses should be opened.

We are hopeful that those of you who desire to make academic progress this summer will be able to do so. Please email to connect with an Academic Advisor or with questions about summer online course offerings.


Emory College Summer Programs