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Change to S/U Option

Today we are announcing changes to the S/U grading basis plan, which now includes an extended deadline and petition option. We want to share more information on how these changes will affect Emory College students specifically.

Changes to S/U Grading Option

  • We will extend the current S/U change deadline until April 27 (the last day of class for this semester).
  • After April 27, students will have the option to submit a petition to request a change from a letter grade to S/U basis. Petition information will available on the Committee on Academic Standards website no later than April 24, 2020. Students must submit their petition for consideration by the following deadline:
    • Graduating Seniors – May 11
    • All other students – May 18
  • Spring 2020 Study Abroad students who are considering changes to the grading basis of their courses must contact their Study Abroad Advisor in order to make any changes. They cannot make changes in OPUS.

Other Academic Options

There have been no other changes to the academic options available to you.

  • Withdrawal Petition is available until April 10
  • Extended Withdrawal Deadline (for First-Year, Oxford and Transfer students) is April 3
  • Incompletes may be requested in discussion with your academic advisor through April 27.

We have been listening to the concerns that students have raised that S/U grades may put them in less competitive positions without a universal mandate.  We especially appreciate the desire expressed in an on-line petition, and elsewhere, to protect the most vulnerable members of our student community.  At the same time, we understand that many students want to pursue letter grades this semester. Please be assured that these issues are happening across higher education, and graduate and medical schools will all be aware of the extraordinary circumstances facing students in Spring 2020.

In weighing the different grading possibilities for this semester, we have worked to understand and meet the different needs of our students as they seek to continue their academic careers during the distress of this global health crisis. There is no grading system that does not involve some tradeoff, and we recognize that no system will address all the concerns of all of our students.

We know that this semester is an extraordinary one, and we want to assure everyone that faculty and staff are working tirelessly to help our students thrive during a challenging time.

For questions or concerns about grading policies and practices, students should contact 

Best wishes,

Shari Obrentz, Associate Dean, Office for Undergraduate Education

Dan Dillard, Assistant Dean, Office for Undergraduate Education

Steve Savage, Associate Director of Communications, Office for Undergraduate Education