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Best Wishes for a Strong Finish

Dear Emory community,

This week marks the beginning of final exams, a time that brings late nights and heightened stress as students and faculty conclude months of teaching and learning, preparing for next steps along the academic journey. 

Finals can be demanding in the best of times. But for everyone, this year has posed challenges unlike anything we’ve ever before experienced, as our spring semester was disrupted by a global pandemic.

We want to acknowledge the remarkable resilience demonstrated by students, faculty and staff in adapting to significant changes, including an abrupt transition to online education. 

Our students had to adjust to a new way of learning in a very different environment. Faculty members swiftly pivoted to remote teaching, and across campus, staff members coordinated the technology and training needed to make it all work. Together, you’ve tackled these changes with creativity, talent and resolve. For that, we thank you.

This is a very different kind of semester. Students may be feeling anxious about online tests or studying under stressful conditions at home without the convenience and reassurances of in-person study groups. They may be missing friends or finding it hard to concentrate and stay motivated. Meanwhile, faculty and staff are balancing their Emory-related responsibilities with additional demands at home as they care for family members and, in many cases, invest considerable time in their own children’s remote learning. We’re all juggling a lot and experiencing increased stress and anxiety.

There are people and services here to help you make it through what has, for everyone, been an incredibly difficult time. 

If you are a student feeling stressed and unmotivated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to faculty members or academic advisors to answer questions, to better understand your academic support options. They understand the challenges you’ve had to face and are invested in seeing you succeed.

For additional mental health and emotional support, a range of services are available to help with end-of-the-semester pressures, even if you are no longer on campus. Emory’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) now offers telehealth clinical services, where you can speak with a counselor or talk with a member of a triage team who can make assessments and help guide next steps. Learn more about CAPS services during COVID-19.

We’ve created opportunities for social connections, which can be accessed through the Emory Virtual Community Hub, and you can also find messages of encouragement and support and connect with student voices through Emory social media accounts

Support is available to faculty and staff through the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (FSAP), which offers free and confidential services to help promote emotional, behavioral and organizational health. To support the increasing needs of our faculty, staff, physicians, trainees and their families throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, FSAP now offers tele-mental health services through telephonic and video-conferencing sessions and consultations.

As the end of the semester quickly approaches, we want to extend our best wishes to all Emory students, faculty and staff for a safe and healthy conclusion to what has been an extraordinary year.


Jan Love, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Christopher L. Augostini, Executive Vice President for Business and Administration, Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan S. Lewin, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Emory Healthcare

Enku Gelaye, Vice President and Dean of Campus Life