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Remote Work for Emory University

Dear Emory University Faculty and Staff,

The health and safety of our faculty, staff and students is of utmost importance.  We want to inform you about Emory’s policy regarding remote work in the light of the COVID-19 crisis. As recommended by the CDC to support social distancing, Emory University will be transitioning to remote work over the next few weeks for employees who are able to do so. All employees who are able to work remotely should be doing so on a routine basis by March 30, 2020 and until further notice is provided. This is mandatory to support the health and safety both for the remote workers, and for the workers who must work on campus; the fewer people on campus, the less chance of spreading infection.

Because we are here to serve the academic, research and healthcare missions of the university, there are many employees whose presence on campus is required, either to care for animals, provide necessary services to faculty, students or patients, conduct research in onsite settings, and many other responsibilities. Many employees will be working to support students during this transition time, or to support the conduct of remote learning. These employees must continue to report to campus.

Each unit will make the determination as to which employees are required to be on campus, and which can work remotely. Please check with your supervisor to understand the specifics of your job. They will let you know whether you will be expected to continue to work on campus, or whether you are expected to work remotely. 

To assist supervisors and employees who will transition to remote work, guidelines for remote work are posted on the Human Resources website. These include several resources for teleworking successfully, such as technology and training links.

Pay and Redeployment

Emory’s executive leadership has committed that no regular employee’s pay will be affected by their ability or inability to perform work remotely. There may be some employees whose jobs are not suitable to remote work, but are not considered essential for on campus work.  The university may decide to redeploy some employees, when possible, into jobs that can be performed remotely. Employees will be expected to be flexible in accepting assignments in these cases. If there is no possible way for these employees to continue to work, they will nevertheless remain at home. These employees will continue to receive their regular pay for the current anticipated duration of the “social distancing” protocols.

We are currently working to develop additional policies that will apply during this difficult time. This includes guidance for employees who must care for children whose schools are closed or who must care for others, or become ill themselves. Please be aware that we expect policies to evolve as time goes by and more information becomes available.

We know this is a challenging transition, and moving to remote work will not be perfect. However, we believe our talented and dedicated employees will be able to adapt, remain committed, and get even better as time goes along.

Please continue to stay informed by checking Emory’s Coronavirus website regularly. Thank you for your commitment to making Emory safe and productive during this time.

Theresa Milazzo
VP, Human Resources

Del King
VP, Human Resources