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Resources and Gratitude as Remote Learning Begins

Dear Emory Faculty, 

As teaching at Emory University transitions to remote learning, we are grateful for your willingness to adapt to this teaching environment and to continue providing students with an exceptional learning experience. Your flexibility and leadership during this time of uncertainty will help mitigate the spread of the outbreak, ensure your students continue to learn, and provide a sense of normalcy and structure for our students.

Our mission — to create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity — brings deeper meaning to this semester. This is not the semester we planned. The move to remote learning will present significant disruption and strain as well as new opportunities to reach and challenge your students. We hope there is comfort in knowing that, while our teaching environment may have changed, our mission has not and your excellence holds steady.

As we navigate these extraordinary circumstances, together we will learn as we go. We are already heartened by stories of compassion and ingenuity as you explore remote learning in the service of teaching great minds. We remain committed to supporting your teaching and to encouraging positive student outcomes.

We developed a remote teaching resource page to help you access resources that you may need. We will add to this page as we identify additional tools and resources that are available. Notable resources include:

  • Emory policy guidance: Remote learning, S/U grading, Online instruction
  • Remote learning tools: Canvas, Zoom, Connectivity & Accessibility
  • Remote exams and assessment tools: CFDE, Canvas & Proctoring
  • Internal Support: LITS, Zoom, CFDE, DAS & Libraries
  • External Support: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity

As we respond to the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, our Emory community provides us with the tenacious spirit we need to protect – and grow – our connections, even at a distance. Knowing we will face challenges and make mistakes with new technologies, let this be a time of grace and resilience as well as excellence.

We are facing so much we cannot control; however, we are certain that the compassion and leadership we all demonstrate today will make for an even stronger Emory tomorrow.

Thank you for doing your part to practice social distancing, for adapting in overwhelming circumstance, and for maintaining your commitment to teaching. 


Jan Love, Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Christopher L. Augostini, Executive Vice President for Business and Administration, Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan S. Lewin, Executive Vice President for Health Affairs, Executive Director, Woodruff Health Sciences Center, President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board, Emory Healthcare