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Emory College Staff

To the staff of Emory College of Arts & Sciences,

I am hoping that you read the letter from President Fenves earlier today about the plans for the spring semester. The calendar includes a delayed start (January 25), the elimination of spring break, and a slightly later commencement. In addition, the College is working to establish some non-class, mid-week "reading days" during the semester, and I will update you when we have a final decision on that issue.

The increase to our density will be modest. In addition to welcoming back those students currently in residence, we will invite back Emory College students involved in Undergraduate Research Programs, those first-year students not currently on campus, and international students who are able to make their way here.

I am pasting below the message that we are sending to Emory College students today. I want to underscore to you something that I think you will intuit: This set of plans will be a real blow to many of our students who were hoping to be on campus this spring. We are all experiencing the continuing disruption of the pandemic; for these students, they are worried that they are missing essential experiences of their time at Emory. I know that we are all working as hard as possible to engage and empathize with our students, and the spring semester will require more of us still.

At this time, we are still proceeding under our current plans for staffing density, but the University is also reviewing its policies and procedures. As we invite more students to campus, the College will work also to increase modestly the staff presence as well. We will work to schedule a staff town hall in the next 3 weeks so that I can tell you more about the spring plans, and especially about some of the steps that we hope to make in our screening tests.

In the meantime, please accept my gratitude for the incredible work that you are doing this semester under these challenging circumstances. Your support for each other, for our students, and for our faculty inspires me.



Michael A. Elliott
Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences