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University and Emory College Resources for All Students

Since the announcement about changes to our fall plan, administrators and staff from across campus have fielded numerous questions about the decision and the individual and collective student experience for the fall. We may not all be physically together as we want to be, but we are committed to supporting with well-being and academic success of all of our students, wherever they may be, as we enter a fall semester like none other in our history.

We have made decisions to reduce campus density in the interest of protecting the health and welfare of our students, faculty, and staff. We must continue to emphasize that the most important element to our collective safety and success is your individual commitment and adherence to the health behaviors needed to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

We know that this has been a difficult summer, and that the decision to revise our plan for the fall has created real challenges for our community. You are a vital member of our community and we want to make clear that ALL enrolled students, regardless of whether they are on or off campus anywhere in the world, will have virtual access to the support services they would have had normally in residence.

Student Health Services
Student Health Services (SHS) is available to support your health and medical needs during this pandemic on and off campus, wherever you are. As we prepare for the fall, COVID-19 -related initiatives include:

  • Medical follow-up and frequent telephone outreach for off-campus students who are symptomatic and/or COVID-19 positive to provide the assessment and access to care they may need.
  • COVID-19 testing upon arrival on campus for students who will be in residence.
  • COVID-19 testing for students living off-campus who will need to be on campus.
  • Identifying, testing, contact tracing, and support for all students who become symptomatic with COVID-19.
  • Isolation and quarantine housing and medical follow-up for those students living on campus who become infected with COVID-19 or were in close contact with someone with COVID-19.
  • Contact tracing persons impacted by COVID-19 within our Emory community to augment and support the Department of Public Health’s contact tracing process.

Please note that SHS continues to provide non-COVID-19 (in-person and telehealth) related care for all enrolled students. Call 404-727-7551 for an appointment or access designated visits via the Student Health portal.

Further specific instruction and information will be forthcoming in the next several weeks. For full details on current SHS services and protocols, please visit the Student Health website.

CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services)
CAPS is currently offering telehealth services via phone and HIPAA-compliant Zoom to enrolled Emory students. CAPS continues to offer core functions of crisis response, consultation, individual therapy, support/discussion groups, therapy groups, and online workshops.

Emory Career Center
The Career Center continues to provide service and support as students explore career options and pursue experiential opportunities, including:

  • Virtual and phone appointments with career counselors.
  • Connecting employers to students virtually for interviews and information sessions.
  • Expanding online webinars, content, and resources students can access anywhere.

Academic Support Services
Academic support resources will continue to be available online, including

  • EPASS Learning Assistants, Peer and Staff Coaches, Tutoring, and Academic workshops, the Writing Center and other resources.

Please review the FAQ providing more details on academic-related questions on the Emory College Forward site or contact for any academic advising needs.

Faculty Office Hours
Faculty will continue to hold office hours throughout the semester. Most will take place virtually, although some in-person, physically distanced meetings may be possible. Our faculty are fully committed to your success and students are strongly encouraged to connect with their professors in the fall.

University Libraries
All enrolled students will have limited, appointment-only access to Emory Libraries. Note that off-campus students will need to complete the campus onboarding process to have access to the library. More information will be provided on the Emory Libraries websitesoon.

Campus Access for Non-residential Students
We are in the process of making critical decisions and setting policy that outlines access to campus for students in the Atlanta area who won’t be in residence. We must balance the necessity to minimize the number of people on campus with providing students access to the areas of campus that will help them meet their academic needs and provide very limited and physically distanced in-person opportunities for socialization.

Steps for On Campus and Off Campus Students to Return
ALL students who will live on campus, are enrolled for on campus classes, or plan to come to campus in any capacity will need to complete a seven-step onboarding process which includes COVID-19 testing on days designated by the College. (You will receive detailed information about this process from the College on Tuesday.) The student onboarding process can be found on the Emory Forward website the first week of August.

Additional Student Experience Information
The Campus Life team has developed a number of frequently asked question digests to provide you with further information for the fall. These include FAQs associated with the student experience, residence hall life, programming by university departments, orientation and new student programs, and campus facilities and resources and student clubs and organizations.

Note that the page will be updated as decisions are made based on the prevalence of COVID-19 in Atlanta and campus adherence to safety measures.

Financial Aid
We are also working to address the financial concerns raised by students. We know the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the finances of every Emory family and in response we are holding undergraduate tuition at 2019-2020 rates for the coming year.

Families can request to have their financial aid reassessed if they have experienced changes in economic status since filing their FAFSA. Families may also file a FAFSA application now if they have not already done so. Emory meets 100 percent of demonstrated financial need for all U.S. undergraduate students.Please contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Information about fees will be communicated to students soon.

Online Courses
It is worth noting that this summer over 700 faculty members and instructors who will teach your courses this fall received training on how to reimagine their curriculum and syllabi so that each class is built to be delivered online. For those taking online courses, you will be experiencing courses taught by world-class faculty who have planned from the start for online delivery.

The decisions for fall semester will be revisited for the spring semester. Any changes in policy will be contingent upon a lessening of COVID-19 prevalence in Atlanta and the ability of the Emory family to practice safety measures consistently this fall.

As plans for our fall semester continue to evolve, we will continue to update you via email and the Emory Forward website. We remain confident in the midst of so much uncertainty that together we will find new and creative ways to meet the challenges and stay together as a community.

Sincerely yours,

Enku Gelaye, J.D.
Vice-President and Dean of Campus Life

Michael A. Elliott, Ph.D.
Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences
Charles Howard Candler Professor of English